Honest Health CBD Oil Review


Honest Health CBD Oil


Relieves Anxiety


Reduces Blood Sugar Levels


Promotes Bone Growth






The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 or otherwise known as Farm Bill 2018 (Hemp Farm Bill), established a new regulatory authority under the Federal Department of Agriculture for the commercial cultivation, processing, and marketing of hemp and extracted food products. This Act, effectively, descheduled many cannabis products from Schedule 1 of Controlled Substance. It states that the substance has a high potential for abuse. There is a lack of acceptance of safety standards while administering the substance, and finally and perhaps most importantly, the substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States. Descheduling effectively implies that these statements about the substance can no longer be established in a court of law.

Since then, there has been an explosion of hemp-related products in the market, particularly hemp oil or Cannabidiol or CBD. People are eating it, putting it in their coffee, latte, grill; baking pies with it, using it in their soaps, toilet paper, as hair oil or shampoo, taking a few drops before going to bed or taking a few drops after waking up and even feeding it to their pets. Many celebrities also profess to use it like the golfer Bubba Watson who uses it to sleep better. Or, most famously Kim Kardashian, who used it with amazing results, according to her, after she got pregnant with her fourth child.

So is this a scam? Does it really work? What is it? What does it really do? Why this rapid popularity? These are the questions that would come to anyone’s mind.

What Is CBD?

So what is CBD? CBD or Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid which means a plant-based vegan cannabinoid that concentrates as a resin with high viscosity in structures called glandular trichomes. There are more than a hundred types of cannabinoids out of which the most studied are the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabinol (CBN). Tetrahydrocannabinol Δ9-THC is the substance in the cannabis plant that causes the psychoactive effects associated with cannabis. The usual effects related to cannabis use occur when THC binds with CB1 cannabis receptors in the brain.

Cannabinol or CBN is the primary product of the degeneration of THC. It has a lower affinity to CB1 cannabis receptors. Thereby it is only mildly psychoactive. It is not found in a fresh cannabis plant and occurs when THC degenerates due to exposure to light and air.

Cannabidiol or CBD shares the same precursor to THC, but its characteristics are opposite to THC. It has almost no affinity for CB1 or CB2 cannabis receptors; therefore, it is non-psychotropic. On the contrary, it counteracts the cognitive impairment caused by cannabis. Which means it helps to get rid of the ‘high’ caused by weed. CBD also prevents short term memory loss associated with THC.

Honest Health CBD Oil

About Honest Health CBD Oil

Honest Health CBD oil is a full-spectrum CBD oil brought to you by Blend Pure LLC. It is the purest CBD available in the market and has a proven track record of helping people sleep better, reduce anxiety, improve focus, and ease the pain.

Ingredients of Honest Health CBD Oil

CBD, unlike THC, is extracted from hemp. Honest Health CBD is fully vegan, extracted from organically grown hemp. It is extracted by the cold press method and is transparent light green and nutty in flavor. Just like any other CBD, Honest Health CBD is not psychotropic. If you want to use CBD for pain or sleep, but were afraid of getting high or the legality of it, you don’t have to worry. It is 100% natural and does not contain any THC or any other synthetic chemical or stimulant.

How Does Honest Health CBD Work?

CBD is full of natural fatty acids that are good not just for the skin but also for the brain. Clinical testing on mice has shown that CBD relaxes their brain and reduces anxiety in them. There have been no human trials that contradict this result. However, due to its recent legalization, all potential benefits, particularly those related to the heart, are not known.

How To Use Honest Health CBD Oil?

The product comes in the form of oil, also known as a tincture. It is also the most common, the easiest and the most convenient way to use CBD because you’ll know how much you are exactly using. The product comes with an eyedropper dropper to place the desired amount of CBD oil underneath your tongue. You have to leave it there for a while before swallowing. If you do not care about taste, you can put a few drops of the CBD oil in your beverages.

Honest Health CBD Oil Review

Dosage Of Honest Health CBD Oil

There is no recommended dosage for the product. It is a natural supplement and not prescribed medicine, so there is no prescribed dose. The effective dosage will vary from person to person. All first users of Honest Health CBD Oil should start with a small dose and then gradually increase to the level which best suits you. 10 mg is a standard dose to start with.

Is Honest Health CBD Oil Safe To Use?

Yes. Honest Health CBD Oil is completely safe to use, and it is legal to use in all 50 States and the district of Colombia. However, the manufacturers insist that you should not take the product with other medicines, addictives give it to children. Pregnant women should also be cautious. In case you are using any medicines, consult a physician before you start using this product.

Is Honest Health CBD Oil Addictive?

THC is addictive, CBN is mildly addictive, but CBD is not at all addictive. In fact, CBD is anti-addictive. It has the demonstrable capacity to counter cannabis-induced cognition impairment or stop the ‘high.’ Also, CBD is used by many addicts to help them recover from other addictions. Honest Health CBD oil is completely safe as far as addiction is concerned.

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Benefits of Honest Health CBD Oil

  • Honest Health CBD Oil has beauty-enhancing properties. The fatty acids in CBD oil are very good for the skin.
  • Honest Health CBD Oil is good for acne.
  • Many users have found that the product provides relief from eczema and even psoriasis.
  • It relaxes the body and helps you sleep better.
  • It helps you focus.
  • CBD increases the production of Anandamides and Serotonin. Anandamides is the hormone that relaxes your body. Serotonin is the hormone that makes you feel better, thereby improving the quality of your life.
  • Some people use CBD for fat loss. CBD has good fatty acids that fight the bad fat.
  • CBD also enhances the mood and thereby reduces food cravings and stop the intake of extra calories.
  • Reduced body weight due to CBD use is also beneficial and reduces blood sugar levels.
  • CBD oil also helps in bone growth and bone density.

Harmful Side Effects Of Honest Health CBD Oil

So far, there have not been any reported side effects of this product. For people using it for pain relief purposes, it does not have the usual side effects of prescription pain killers. However, pregnant women should not use this product during late-term pregnancy.

Any CBD oil side effects occur due to THC contamination. The manufacturers of this product, therefore, take all possible precautions to provide you with the purest oil available. You should not take this product with other addictive substances. In case you are on medication, please consult your doctor before using CBD Oil.

How Much Does Honest Health CBD Oil Cost?

The product costs $89.89 for every tincture. The company has a 14-day free trial. So for your first order initially, you will not be billed anything. It will cost you $0. However, you will have to pay a small shipping cost amounting to $6.85.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

If you are unsatisfied with the product, you need to call 866 – 254 – 0461 within 14 days of placing your order for cancellation, and you will be billed nothing. If you do not cancel, it is assumed that you are fully satisfied with the product, in which case you will be billed $85.49 for the first month. And after that, the full price of $89.89 will be billed to you. You can cancel your subscription any time by calling their 24-hour helpline. You will get a number; you need to send back an unopened pack with that number, and you will be refunded.

Refund is subject to the following conditions:

  • Opened packs are not refundable.
  • Packs not containing the number are not refundable.

Once the unopened package is received along with the number, your subscription will be canceled and your money refunded. A shipping and processing fee of $10 will be deducted from your refund.


Is Honest Health CBD Oil any good?

Yes. Thousands of people have benefited from Honest Health CBD Oil.  While it is a new product with not many definitive scientific studies, all studies show promising prospects.

Is Honest Health CBD Oil safe?

Yes. The product is safe. If used properly, it is very beneficial with no side effects.

Do I get a refund if I am not happy with the results?

Yes. There is a 14-day free trial period for you to test if the product suits you. Since it is free, there is nothing to refund. From the second month, you can call any time at 866 – 254 – 0461 and claim a refund. All claims are usually respected and an RMA number is given. You need to clearly write the RMA number on the unopened packet of the product and return it. Your money will be refunded.

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  • No prescription required. You can buy this product without a prescription.
  • Pain reliever without side effects. It kills pain without any side effects of pain relief medicines.
  • Sleep inducer without being addictive. All sleeping medicines are addictive. But, CBD oil is not addictive. It gives a good night’s sleep without getting you addicted to it.


  • Limited stock and only available online. The product has a very high demand, therefore, stocks are always limited.

Customer Testimonials

Sara 19, Colorado writes: I have been using Honest Health CBD Oil for a few months for my skin. My acne problem is gone, and my skin has become smoother.

Tim 41, Port Land writes: I had a lot of job stress. I couldn’t sleep properly at night, either, which made my stress even worse. I have been using Honest Health CBD Oil for just one month and my stress and anxiety are gone. Now I even sleep better at night.

Ted 67, California: I had joint pains. My pain medicine was causing digestion problems. I started using Honest Health CBD Oil and I no longer have to suffer the effects of my pain medicines.


CBD oil is becoming very popular. Some people are even calling this a green revolution. As more and more benefits of CBD Oil come to light, its popularity is only going to increase. Honest Health CBD Oil is an excellent product in this highly competitive high demand market. This product promises to give benefits to users all across the USA with no known side effects. It is legal in all 50 states. And since they have a free trial option, there is no reason not to give it a try. All financial transactions are done in 256bit SSL security. If you are not happy with the results, you can always contact the company for a refund.

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