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Have you been hearing the words ‘CBD oil’ very often lately? It is because CBD oil has become the talk of the town. CBD or Cannabinoid oil is an extract from the hemp plant, which comes from the family of cannabis or marijuana. Although the plants have a lot of medicinal benefits, it was illegal in the USA until the Farm Bill was passed in 2018. Due to the legalization of industrial hemp, researchers have discovered and are still discovering the various illnesses that CBD oil can help with.

Sonoma Valley brings to you this CBD oil bottled and ready to use. So far, CBD oil is known to reduce chronic aches, fight anxiety and depression, improve focus and cognitive performance, help in regulating sleep-cycles, and more. It has also shown benefits in bringing relief to cancer patients and reducing inflammation in the body. If you are looking for a natural way to deal with your struggle with health, then Sonoma Valley CBD Oil is just a click away.

Sonoma Valley CBD Oil Review

About Sonoma Valley CBD Oil

The reason for banning the cannabis family of plants was their euphoric value. The ‘high’ that you feel after intake of marijuana or hemp is actually due to a chemical compound in the plant called THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol). There are hundreds of compounds that make up the hemp plant, and CBD is one of them. However, scientists have found a filtration process that removes THC while retaining all the nutrients of CBD from hemp. This is the process used in making Sonoma Valley CBD Oil as well.

Sonoma Valley CBD Oil is extracted from the hemp plants. It is designed to help you in reducing your aches and pains, increasing your mobility and flexibility, making you sharper and more attentive. It also enables you to sleep better, aids you in dealing with anxiety and depression, and helps in regulating blood sugar levels. This oil is your way to live a healthier and wholesome life hassle-free.

How Does Sonoma Valley CBD Oil Work?

Your body has an ECS or endocannabinoid system. This system balances most of your bodily functions. The ECS consists of three parts; cannabinoids produced within your body, receptors (CB1 and CB2), and enzymes. Together these three components are responsible for dealing with inflammation in your body, aches, sleep routines, cognitive functioning, blood sugar levels, and other issues.

Sonoma Valley CBD Oil enhances the performance of the ECS in your body. It makes your body use more of its own cannabinoids so that it can balance your bodily functions to its full potential. Thus, it helps in regulating problems such as anxiety, insomnia, chronic aches, hypertension, and more.

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How To Use Sonoma Valley CBD Oil?

Sonoma Valley CBD Oil comes in a bottle with a dropper. The oil works in a sublingual delivery system. This means that you have to put a drop of the oil under your tongue and let it get absorbed for 15 seconds or more before swallowing it.

This method ensures that the oil gets absorbed in the bloodstream faster, and you can feel almost immediate effects of CBD. You can use the recommended dosage of the oil as per the Sonoma Valley CBD Oil, or you can consult your physician before using it. It is advisable that you start with smaller doses of the oil and gradually increase it as per your requirement.

Is It Safe To Use Sonoma Valley CBD Oil?

Yes, it is safe to use Sonoma Valley CBD Oil. The oil is extracted from hemp plants, which are organically grown. They are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. Also, the hemp plant undergoes a triple filtration process that eradicates all the toxic elements from CBD oil while retaining its therapeutic value.

Is Sonoma Valley CBD Oil Addictive?

No, Sonoma Valley CBD Oil is not at all addictive. You may be concerned that since the hemp plant is similar to marijuana, it may be habit-forming. But this CBD oil is free from THC, making it non-psychoactive. THC is the reason you feel a state of euphoria when your intake cannabis plants. That is the factor that can cause your addiction. But since CBD oil has no THC in it, the oil is not addictive.

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Benefits of Sonoma Valley CBD Oil

  • Sonoma Valley CBD Oil can help in reducing chronic aches such as joint pain due to arthritis, neck pain, backaches, etc. You can even use it for the pain you may face post surgeries or injuries.
  • This CBD oil also supports healthier joints, along with reducing aches. You can feel more flexible and agile after using this oil. It helps in easy mobility, so you can move around without feeling stiff.
  • The oil is known to help people who suffer from insomnia. Instead of taking prescription meds, you can just take a drop or two of Sonoma Valley CBD Oil and sleep through the night. You can thus, wake up feeling more energetic and refreshed.
  • Sonoma Valley CBD Oil helps enhance your cognitive performance. It improves your focus and attention span; it clears out foggy mind and gives you more clarity. Not only this, but CBD oil can also help boost your memory power, so you can remember and recall more data daily.
  • This CBD oil can also help your body to regulate your blood sugar levels. You don’t have to worry about diabetes affecting you with regular usage of this oil. Sonoma Valley CBD Oil also helps in healthy cardiovascular functioning.
  • The oil also helps you be calm and composed while regulating your mood. It aids in fighting anxiety and depression by promoting a positive stress response.
  • Sonoma Valley CBD Oil also has antioxidants that help your body fight off free radicals that can damage you. It also enhances your immune system.
  • This CBD oil can also reduce migraines and headaches. So, if you suffer from regular migraines, you should try this oil as it is healthier than popping pills.

Purchase And Price

You can only get Sonoma Valley CBD Oil online from the official website. They are offering a 14-day trial period wherein you only have to pay the shipping and handling charges of $6.84. There is no additional charge for the bottle.

Once the trial period is over, you will be enrolled for their monthly subscription for $89.84, which includes shipping and handling charges. They will start sending you a monthly supply of Sonoma Valley CBD Oil from then onwards until you stop the subscription.

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Money-back Guarantee And Refund Policy

Sonoma Valley CBD Oil does not offer any solid money-back guarantee. However, you can always stop subscription if you are not happy with the product. Ideally, you should terminate the subscription before the next package is due. But you can always return the delivered box of oil unopened and get your refund.

Side-effects of The CBD Oil

No, Sonoma Valley CBD Oil has no known side-effects. The CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plants after a thorough filtration process, which throws out all its harmful components such as THC. Also, this oil is clinically tested for its therapeutic and nutritional value.


Who can use Sonoma Valley CBD Oil?

This CBD oil is safe to use by both men and women above the age of 18 years. Although the oil has no side-effects, you should consult your doctor before using the oil so that it does not interfere with any of your other medications. Also, pregnant women and women who are lactating should ideally avoid using this product.

Do you need a prescription to buy Sonoma Valley CBD Oil?

No, you do not need any kind of prescription to buy this CBD oil. The oil is readily available online on its official website. However, you should also talk to your doctor about how best to use the oil for your health issue.

Does the oil really work?

Yes, the CBD oil really does work. A lot of research has gone into CBD oil and its therapeutic benefits since its legalization in 2018. Many researchers have proved its usefulness in aiding with several ailments.

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  • Sonoma Valley CBD Oil is free from THC. Hence, it is non-psychoactive in nature. This means it will not give you a ‘high’ when you use it.
  • The hemp plants used to extract CBD are organically grown. They are free from damaging pesticides or chemicals and, therefore, safe to use.
  • This oil is a natural alternative to many over-the-counter medications. Instead of consuming pills and prescription drugs that may be harmful in the long run, it is better to use Sonoma Valley CBD Oil.
  • CBD oil is clinically proven to have numerous health benefits. It also has no known side-effects as the oil is put through a filtration process to eradicate harmful components.
  • You do not need a prescription to purchase this oil. Sonoma Valley CBD Oil is legal in all 50 states of the USA, thanks to the farm bill of 2018.


  • The product is only available online. There are no retail stores that sell Sonoma Valley CBD Oil.
  • The oil works on a subscription model. You have to enroll for a monthly subscription instead of being able to buy just one bottle except for the trial bottle. This might be a pro for those who want to purchase the only regularly.
  • Sonoma Valley CBD Oil does not have a clearly defined money-back guarantee.
  • The 14-day trial period starts from the date of purchase and not from the date of delivery.

Customer Testimonials

I had a lower-back surgery a few years ago. The doc had told me that I will have to live with a slight pain forever. But in the winters, I noticed a spike in that pain. I took pills to control it but wasn’t too happy about having to rely on pills. I heard about Sonoma Valley CBD Oil, and I started using it. This oil has brought a lot of relief to my back. I can do a lot more activities, now that I don’t feel the pain anymore. This product has definitely worked for me. – Arnold Smith, 63, Portland

I am in love with this oil. I have been using it for the last four months, and it has changed my life. I faced a lot of stress at work, and at times I just could not concentrate. I started becoming afraid of going to work. My therapist told me I was suffering from anxiety and recommended Sonoma Valley CBD Oil. Since the time I have started using it, I am a lot more focused and calmer. I don’t feel the same stress that I used to anymore and can get more work done faster. I highly recommend this oil to all. – Larson, 34, Washington D.C.

Sonoma Valley CBD Oil was gifted to me by a friend who used it for her arthritis. I would always complain to her about my sleepless nights and how my arthritis restricted my movements. But ever since I started using this oil, I feel more flexible. The joints don’t ache as before. Now, I am a lot more active and fit. I even sleep better at night. It is indeed a very good product. – Wheeler, 68, Austin


America is becoming more aware of having a healthy lifestyle, and CBD oil fits right into that way of life. A lot of people are looking for natural or herbal alternatives to synthetic pills, which can harm your body in the long run. The Farm Bill of 2018 has come as a boon to these people as industries can now freely focus on the benefits of CBD oil.

Sonoma Valley CBD Oil is a non-psychoactive therapeutic oil. It can help you deal with numerous health problems by using natural means instead of prescribed drugs. You no longer have to suffer through your chronic aches, stress, or anxiety problems. This CBD oil can aid you with all such issues.

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