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Oksana Ostrovsky and Larry have been working as natural health advocates for many years. They have created health blogs that aims in teaching people and to raise their awareness on achieving the best health.

They are very excited to be with this evolving CBD industry. They have committed to create the best CBD products for the general wellbeing of all and the users are totally in love with.

Their purpose to get the best CBD and with their passion to do so for the benefit of the people, Sol CBD originated.

Sol CBD Goal

The aim and goal of Oksana and Larry towards Sol CBT are many. Few of them can be grouped so as to give a brief understanding.

Information and education

The purpose and passion of the wife and husband, Oksana and Larry, made them sift over the clutter of vast details on CBD available and to bring out the required helpful as well as accurate information possible. It doesn’t stop there. They also try to achieve the top cannabidiol products.

Products and Innovation

In order to fulfil their desire in achieving the top CBD products, they are taking the help of their best ally. They consider science to be their best friend. Their goal is to regularly improve their products and innovate.

Customer satisfaction

They are dedicated to provide the users with incomparable customer service and support. They look forward to offer the users everything they need with respect to the cannabidiol products. They welcome any queries, concerns or questions about the products that is needed by the user or ordered by the user. They are willing to work so as to sort them out as quickly as possible, without any extra cost to the enquirer.

Their final line to the users is that, they really care about the people’s wellbeing. That is the reason that they offer the best quality of their products.

Product Review

Sol CBD has the following products:

  • CBD Capsules
  • Liposomal CBD
  • 3600mg CBD Tincture
  • CBD Tincture – Natural Flavour (Natural Tincture)
  • CBD Tincture – Cinnamint Flavour (Cinnamint Tincture)
  • CBD Tincture for pets
  • CBD Organic skin care
  • CBD Balm

CBD Capsules

Sol cbd capsules

Sol CBD capsules are factory-made from the specifically bred, good quality, organic hemp. The non-GMO industrial hemp that is grown and is obtained from the United States. At Sol CBD CO2extraction is used to guarantee a pure product. Dangerous chemical solvents are not at all used.

Sol CBD capsules comprise of:

  • Phytocannabinoids
  • Full spectrum of terpenes
  • Other important compounds found in the original plant.

Product details & use

A convenient method to in-take CBD is by taking the CBD capsules. This is very true for those travelling and for those who do not like the taste of Sol CBD tinctures. Each capsule will give an accurate dosage of 15mg each the capsule is consumed. So you get all the profits of CBD Oil in a suitably way by easily swallowing the vegetable based capsule.

CBD studies have shown results that it helps in the following:

  • CBD boosts the immune system
  • CBD gives protection to the body
  • CBD helps in reducing inflammation
  • CBD helps in improving the quality of sleep
  • CBD optimizes the brain health
  • CBD lowers the feeling of anxiety

Serving Suggestion

It is advisable to take the capsule at approximately the same time every day.

Sol CBD capsules are to be swallowed. Hence you get to consume it easily, without any taste but still get the required nutrients.

It is suggested to take one CBD capsule every day, so that cannabinoids as well as many nutrients required is obtained by the body.

That means that you get 15mg of CBD per capsule.

That comes up to 450 mg of CBD in each 30 capsule container.

Price: $ 69.00

Liposomal CBD

Sol cbd Liposomal

Want the feeling of wellbeing faster and at a lower dose? Welcome to Liposomal CBD.

This innovative know-how allows transport of CBD into the cells. This transfer of CBD into the cells are very much efficiently than before. The flavour of Loposomal CBD is a delicious orange one with a twist flavour.

Sol CBD is committed to the methods of using safe processing technologies. Understandably there are more number of challenges and the cost of manufacturing liposomal is high. This may be a reason enough for the manufacturers to be tempted to take a harmful shortcut, so that there is a reduction in manufacturing cost and also reduces the time taken. This will allow them to market their products faster.

These pressure faced by manufacturers are fully understood by Sol CBD. In spite of these pressure Sol CBD is completely opposed to take any shortcuts and to compromise on the quality of its products.

Sol CBD liposomal products do not contain the following:

  • Ethanol
  • Soy or Egg-derived phospholipids
  • Isolated/Synthetic Cannabinoids
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
  • other harmful solvents
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Artificial Flavours or Sweeteners
  • Misleading labelling

The moto of Sol CBD is to use only those product that can be obtained from a tree or squeezed from a plant. Another shortcut not used by Sol CBD is in making use of isolated cannabinoids. Sol CBD also refused to use overly processed oils. This overly processed oils lack the full nutrients that can be obtained

So it can be said that while making Liposomal, Sol CBD does not make any compromise hopes that for the sake of users’ health, the users will not either.

Understand Sol Liposomes

What are Liposomes? They are something almost similar to s vesicles. Vesicles are structures produced naturally by body. These are bubbles with double layer and filled with liquid. Liposomes are filled with CBD. They are fed directly to the immune system.

Liposomal CBD oil gives fast and predictable result, so giving the value for money.

Sol CBD Liposomes are bitterness masking too. Hence can be given to kids with taste sensitivity.

Suggested use of Liposomes

Take four pumps that is stirred into a glass of water. It can be taken twice a day.

Price: $ 79.00

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CBD Infused Herbal Balm

sol cbd herbal balm

This exceptionally, cautiously crafted, supreme strength balm consists of thirteen potent ingredients that has the property of penetrating quickly and deeply into the joints as well as the muscles giving the desired effect.

Product Details and its usage

This supreme strength balm enters the joints and the muscles quickly and deeply to give instant relief.

Sol CBD has cautiously made this exclusive plant-based formula by selecting twelve of the world’s greatest and powerful herbal extracts and oils. These herbal extracts and oils have been used medicinally for many years. Added to it is also hemp extract (full spectrum) with naturally occurring CBD.

The thirteen Ingredients in CBD Infused Herbal Balm are as follows:

Grapeseed Oil

Contains Omega 6’s and 3’s. It also contains vitamins C, D, and E.

Hence the benefits of using this product is that it reduces wrinkles, acne, scars as well as stretch marks too.

Virgin Ucuuba Butter

This ingredient is ultra-rich in Myristib, Myristic and Palmitic acid.

Hence the benefits are in regulating the immune system, cell development and maintenance of healthy skin and hair.

Ucuuba Butter

Having antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, is considered suitable for eczema, acne and dry or irritated skin.

Virgin Andiroba Oil

Promotes healing of the skin after injury.

Lemon Peel Oil

Lemon peel is rich in pectins, phenols, and hydroxycinnamates and is very nourishing. Can be used for cleansing the skin.

Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract

This is an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial substance. It has the skin toning properties.

Organic Sunflower Seed Oil

Improves dry skin. It also treats skin irritations.


  • Kills respiratory pathogens
  • Increase blood flow
  • Enhances cortical activity

Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen oil acts like pain reducer.

Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil

Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil is used for inflammation

Organic Calendula Flower Extract

This ingredient has anti-inflammatory capabilities. It also calms muscle spasms.

CBD Hemp Oil

solcbd oil

Interacts with receptors all over the skin and encourages healing.

Copaiba Oil

Helps to reduce pain, inflammation on the body and heals injuries faster.

Candelilla Wax

This wax has moisturizing qualities. In the formula used at Sol CBD, it is used as an emulsifier and as a natural thickener.

The product is tested and made sure the balm provides maximum relief for the user. Like all the products at Sol CBD, Candelilla Wax too has a 60-day money back guarantee.

Price: $ 47.00

CBD Infused Skin Care Bundle (CBD organic skin care)

Quote from Sol CBD itself says; “Give me radiant skin”. The name says it all. It is considered to be a wonderful as well as organic product for the skin. This product revitalizes the skin. Sol CBD offers two amazing products to pamper the skin.

The two products are:

  • Nourishing Organic Oils Your Skin Loves + CBD (Nourishing Formula)
  • Healing Organic Oils Your Skin Needs + CBD (Extra care Formula)

Nourishing Organic Oils Your Skin Loves + CBD

This product to be used when one is aware that though the skin is presently in good condition, it requires to be maintained. Using this product keeps the skin glowing. It prevents deterioration of the skin. It prevents the aging look of the skin.

Retail Price:  $89

Sale Price: $ 69.00

Healing Organic Oils Your Skin Needs + CBD

This provides extra care for the skin. It is useful for the skin with blemishes, creases, spots or any deterioration of the skin. It has a very good healing power since the amount of CBD is two times more and more intensive than the nourishing formula.

Retail Price: $109

Sale Price: $ 89.00

CBD Tincture – Natural Flavour (Natural Tincture)

Full spectrum CO2 extracted CBD, brings the body back to health with this Sol CBD product.

Product Details

The following list mentions the advantage of the Sol CBD product:

  • It boosts the immune function
  • It helps protect the body
  • It has the property to reduce inflammation
  • It improves the quality of sleep
  • It offers optimize brain health
  • Last but not the least, it lowers anxiety

The raw material used for this product is organically grown in the United States. Prescription is not required to use the product.

Price:  $ 65.00

Cinnamint Tincture

Cinnamint, the delicious flavour and having the benefits of naturally extracted mint and cinnamon along with Sol CBD’s, full spectrum CO2 extracted CBD brings back the body to health with this tincture.

Product Details

The following list mentions the advantage of the Sol CBD product:

  • It boosts the immune function
  • It helps protect the body
  • It has the property to reduce inflammation
  • It improves the quality of sleep
  • It offers optimize brain health
  • Last but not the least, it lowers anxiety

Price:  $ 65.00

CBD Tincture for Pets (Sol CBD Pet tincture)

sol cbd pet tincture

Just like human being need the CBD for various reasons, so does your pets. Just like human beings respond positively to CBD so does your pets. If your pet any form of healing, the best way to do so is to give the pets the pets formulated premium CBD.

Price: $ 31.00

Product Details

As already discussed the advantages of CBD for human in boosting the immune function, reduce anxiety, get the calmness feeling, protects the joints, reduces inflammation and so on, the same holds good for the pets.

A pet living with you, is also a part of your family. Like the best is need for any member of the family, the best for your pets too. With that in mind Sol CBD pure hemp extract for pets was developed.

Price: $ 31.00

3600mg CBD Tincture

Sol CBT 3600mg tincture is a high CBD concentrate tincture. This is made for those who need more CBD per dosage. One bottle has 3X more CBD per dose than other Sol CBD tinctures.

Why is the extra amount of CBD required? Does your condition need requires an extra amount of CBD?

People with a health challenges can benefit from a high dosage of Cannabidiol. Sol 3600mg tincture has 3 times more CBD per dose than Sol CBT other products.

The question that arises is why MCT oil?

MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides are fats, naturally found in coconut oil. It gives good health and vitality. Another good thing about this product is that it has a flavour to that of green tea. No flavouring agent is added. The usage does not require doctor’s prescription.


$ 327.00 

Customer Reviews

sol cbd reviews


Sol CBD Brand Manifesto

As brand managers of CBD and the factory it comes from, Sol CBD does not compromise on reliability and it maintains that it will be truthful and transparent. The principal mission of Sol CBD is to help people and to deliver a high quality product. As a community, Sol CBD will take the feedback of every one seriously and try do the very best to develop better and better quality each and every day. Since Sol CBD is not compromising on the quality, the products offered has to be the best in the market.

The Sol CBD focusses on educating the people about the brand and thinks of maintaining the cost so as to be affordable to many. The aim of Sol CBD is to get the trust of the people for the products.

The reviews shared by the users has been astonishing. The rating given by the users have always reached the top.

Sol CBD cautions the people: It says about plenty of misinformation going round regarding hemp and CBD. It asks the people to be careful and shrewd.

Sol CBD says as they are a small family run business, to be understanding so that they can put in more effort and to give the best.

Sol CBD has offered all its users sixty days money back guarantee, depending on the products.

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