Should You Vape Around Your Pets? 


Despite the decline in smoking rates, vaping has been growing more popular recently. Vape pens are an alternative to cigarettes and don’t contain as many carcinogenic compounds or pose risk to lung health; however, they do come with their own set of risks that should be considered before use.

When you vape, what’s in the liquid is just as important as what comes out. This means that vaping can be used to quit smoking but only if it uses a safe and healthy alternative with no additives or chemicals such as nicotine which are toxic when ingested or inhaled by both humans and pets alike.

Vape Around Your Pets

But what is Vaping?

When people vape, they breathe in the vapor produced by a liquid called e-juice. When you heat that juice with your vaping pen or “e-cigarette”, it can create new chemicals such as formaldehyde which has been known to cause cancer and other harmful effects on people’s bodies. E-juice is flavored with different chemicals and may contain nicotine, which can be harmful to dogs and cats. Some of these ingredients include carrier solvents such as propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin.

Some vape pens actually contain higher levels of nicotine compared to regular cigarettes. In addition, there is also a wide variety of e juices available that have THC in it for those who want to get high as well instead of just vaping with flavored flavors like bubblegum or cotton candy.

Why is it bad to Vape around your Pets?

An increase in e-cigarette usage has led to a rise of pets becoming sick due to the toxicity of nicotine. According to Dr. Tina Wismer, medical director at ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, “In recent years we’ve seen an average of one or two cases per month involving dogs and cats being exposed (to) electronic cigarette liquid from chewing on them.”

Many pets are becoming sick after their owner’s vape near them. As more people use e-cigarettes, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center and Pet Poison Helpline have reported an increasing number of cases involving animals being harmed by vaping devices or components.

CASAA reported that electronic nicotine delivery systems were introduced to the U.S about ten years ago, and many adults use e-cigarettes as an alternative way of quitting smoking instead of giving up entirely according to CASAA. Although this new threat has become a problem recently due to increased poisoning from electronic cigarettes it was relatively “new”.

Wismer does not know of any animal deaths, but she has seen animals that needed to go to a veterinarian’s office for treatment. Due at least in part to the fact they did need medical attention, these animals would have died without it.

What are the Effects of Vaping on Pets?

Vape smoke is harmful to pets, but it’s important to know how your furry friend will react. Watch out for the following symptoms of second-hand smoking in dogs:

Diarrhea and excessive drooling are just the beginning of a list of symptoms that may be caused by vaping. Vomiting, an increased pulse rate or heartbeat, mood swings are also other symptoms to watch out for.

Leaving your pets untreated could lead to serious long-term consequences. vaping around pets can be dangerous, and in some cases, it has been proven that this practice leads to devastating effects later on down the line. The long-term effects of vaping are seizures, lethargy (lack of energy and enthusiasm), muscle weakness, tremors and shaking, blackouts or passing out for short periods when blood pressure drops to dangerous levels. An irregular heartbeat can also occur which may cause heart failure from the muscles weakening until they don’t pump properly.

Why should I do if I must Vap around Pets?

When vaping pets, use products without nicotine. Nicotine can be dangerous when combined with your pet and the Pet Poison Helpline has observed an increase in e-liquids containing it that have been exposed to animals. To avoid this risk, only vape non-nicotine juice around your animal companions as you would any other product – especially those without added flavorings or sweeteners like fruit which could act as a lure for them! There are many brands out there too so don’t let yourself get tied down by one particular brand just because of its THC content if avoiding it is what’s important to you.

Know the signs of Nicotin Poisons

Many people are using vaping as a way to quit traditional cigarettes. It is not possible for you to vape without using nicotine initially, so it’s important that you understand the signs of your pet being exposed to too much nicotine and how best to treat them if they become sick from ingesting e-cigarette liquid or cartridges. Additionally, keep in mind both the short-term effects and long-term consequences discussed earlier before making any decisions about whether or not vaping can work for you.

If possible, Avoid Indoor Vaping

Vaping indoors can leave a lasting negative impact on your pets, making it difficult for them to breathe. If you must vape in the presence of pets make sure there is adequate ventilation and that they have an easy way out if needed. Though vaping with your pet may not cause immediate harm, poisoning from nicotine could lead to long-term issues including respiratory problems or even death if left untreated over time.

Put Away all Vaping Accessories and Gears Safely:

Keeping your vape gear out of reach from prying eyes and paws is a great way to keep them safe. Vape accessories like atomizers, batteries, coils are all important parts that can be damaged if mishandled or exposed to water or other substances so you want these concealed in places with restricted access such as drawers locks, and hidden compartments on the walls, etc.

Dispose of batteries properly so they do not become poisoned or injured chewing them.

If you keep anything within reach of your pets, make sure to clean it thoroughly so that the scents will not attract them. Dispose of all Vipe waste safely.


Vaping provides a way to control or limit the intake of nicotine without actually missing cigarettes and their withdrawal effects. When you control the nicotine, one can break this addiction by vaping with lower levels of it until they are ready for complete cessation. Responsible pet owners are aware of the many adverse health effects that vaping can have on their furry friends. However, with this guide to safely vape around your pets, you will be able to enjoy it without worrying about any potential harm coming from secondhand vapor inhalation.