Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington Talks Cannabis: ‘A Problem-Solving Kind of Product


There are ample options present in nature that can help the human body in many ways. Cannabis is though known for its addiction; people forget about its medicinal benefits while criticizing the same. Doubtlessly it can prove as an addiction if not taken rightly; else, it has many advantages that can help the human brain and body. One needs to know the opinion of experts when it comes to using cannabis.

Cannabis has shown some remarkable results in treating the patients, and now Shark Tank has also come forward, stating that it is a problem solver to your endless problems.

Kevin Harrington

The original Shark on his verdict for cannabis

Kevin Harrington has always been the name that many have followed. He is an inspiration when it comes to generating business ideas. In June, he joined the ABC network and declared that he is going to rule the cannabis market now. With a clear vision and a set goal, he is surely going to rule with his excellent skills in sales. According to Harrington, Cannabis is a problem solver. Let us get to know about this in a bit more detailed manner.

The growing trend of cannabis

Harrington explained in a new, exclusive interview that “Cannabis is a growing market, it is really interesting for an investor, for a businessman like me.”I see that cannabis is a problem-solving sort of substance when I look at the whole market. And, as you know, I’m dealing with problem-solving.

Being a businessman himself, he has a clear focus on taking over the market. He also said that there are a lot of things that are going on in the cannabis market these days. Research shows that it has excellent results on health and has also given a new life to depressed patients. Doctors also find it safe, and hence it can be one of the biggest things to invest and earn profits for a long time.

He has a clear perspective and is all set to step into the market and take over the industry like a storm creating the sales of cannabis to move at a fast pace.

Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington Talks Cannabis: ‘A Problem-Solving Kind of Product

Cannabis is coming up as the latest trend. It shows that the people who consume it get cured of various issues quickly. To help you get healed, even doctors and researchers are coming up with theories that support this cause.

Cannabis plays a crucial role in giving relief to patients suffering from anxiety, depression and a lot more problems.

There are still a lot of countries out there that consider cannabis as a drug and is not safe, but scientists have come up with a lot more research with facts and figures stating that it is a safe drug. When you consume it within limits, there is no harm. Let us take a look at some of the benefits and why people call it as a problem solver.

Cures sleep disorders

Sleeping properly is one of the major things that is required for the body to relax properly. If you do not get ample sleep, then not only your brain gets disturbed, but there are several problems that start growing like IBS and insomnia. We all lead a hectic life where the workload has no end, and the boss is always dancing on the head with deadlines. It is really important to sleep, and cannabis can help you with a calm mind that gets quality sleep without any hassles. 

Relieves you from depression and anxiety

It has been noticed that depression and anxiety can be your biggest enemies. They not only disturb you to the core but also makes you fall for several health issues. Cannabis is known for its therapeutic features. It helps you heal to the core and makes you enjoy a calm mind. No matter how much pressure you have, cannabis can be your best companion to beat it to the core.

Rejuvenates your senses

When you are tired of the work and are running short on the deadlines, then the only thing you want is a break and a refresher to offer you a relaxed mind and body. This can be achieved easily when you consume cannabis regularly. It is not that experts suggest that you must start smoking cannabis, but there are a lot more ways in which you can enjoy it. One of the latest trends is by making cannabis tea and enjoying it sip by sip.

Controls your sexual activities

One of the major benefits of taking cannabis is that it keeps you active. A dull and lethargic body cannot even think of having sex, and hence it turns out to be a huge issue with your partner. Consuming cannabis regularly can bring back the lost energy and keep you active in bed.

Helps you focus

Studies have found that the people who take cannabis regularly are more focused on their work. They can meet the deadlines and are also not at all pressurized with a lot of work. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you have a word with your doctor first before giving a try to cannabis consumption. Once your doctor has given a green signal, you can go ahead and enjoy taking the same for a relaxed life and focussed mind.

Interesting ventures of Harrington

Of the various interesting ventures on which Harrington and Cannaprener are working, there is one that goes back to the early days of the investor on ABC: the team will hold gatherings on Shark Tank manner that can be attended by cannabis firms.

Harrington planned to make this case that took years of experience and applied it to the cannabis room as a product-focused entrepreneur.

“I was interested in virtually every business, houseware, appliances, exercise, tennis, fishing, toys, beauty, you know, I will begin. But what I have benefited from it is an enormous friendship with suppliers around the world. All this is very important for you to be able to produce a high-quality product with very low returns and problems and the correct price, to make a margin to be successful,” he said. It is important to manufacture goods that are planned, prototyped, and are in the trend.

Harrington has excellent skills when it comes to generating sales. His contacts are of a tremendous range, and this thing will help him grow in the cannabis industry.

Finding the right customers

Harrington knows that the biggest challenge that one has to face is to get the right clients. You just can’t grow in the industry if you do not have potential buyers in your hand. The product that you manufacture must have a buyer to buy it and then sell it in the market.

Most Harrington companies relied on traditional media, television, newspaper ads, news publications, etc. to bring their products to people’s attention. However, the bulk of cannabis cannot be announced in the same manner.

I wondered if he wants to comply with these prominent prohibitions.

He answered, unhesitatingly thrilled by the question. It was evident that he was already worried about this topic. 

About his plans

“As we look at the room of weed, Facebook and Instagram already have made it in the blacklisted items, etc. In reality, we’ve now also invested in a blacklisted ad network,” he added. “For many businesses, this was a major obstacle.”

In an interview, he also said that:

“I think sometime there will soon be more and more forms of cannabis goods moving into the mass media,” he said. “We’re trying to crack some new grounds, and it will open the eyes of others when we start some of those blacklisted stuff.”

“I think the federal situation will change as more countries are looking forward to recreating the rules. So I think now that people on the ground floor form the partnerships and delivery networks. This is an occasion for us to read, link and plant several seeds. And yeah, on the road, we’re going to develop some companies and make some profits.”


This was a part of what Harrington had in mind and about his perspective towards cannabis. Now that people are getting aware of the benefits that cannabis offers, it is easier to create a demand and supply with a much more focussed market. Harrington is finally all set and is going to bring up his venture soon.