How CBD Benefits An Active life


Despite the weather and season, we’re facing outside, plenty of people can find it a struggle to get started and stay active throughout the day. While the summer months can be ideal for those who are active outdoors, a regular routine including being active provides many benefits other than simply being outdoors.

It’s time to get off the couch and start enjoying the world around you, regardless of what the temperature outside your home is. Both your emotional and physical wellbeing is increased with a more active lifestyle. Knowing all this, how exactly can using a CBD product keep you staying more active?

CBD Benefits An Active life

Keeping Head Space

Exercising and going out of your way to eat healthily are both well known to be beneficial to your mental health. We mention this because stress, depression, and anxiety can all get in the way of heading outside to get active. When our mental health isn’t what it needs to be, everything else can be negatively affected.

By using a CBD product, you provide yourself with an opportunity to experience plenty of benefits concerning mental health. Yes, there is still plenty of study and research needing to be completed to back this statement scientifically. That being said, when literally thousands of people are quick to say the use of CBD oil has made them feel healthier mentally, who needs science to prove they’re not lying?

Cannabidiol, CBD, interacts with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. This plays a role in regulating our appetite, mood, sleep, and many other areas that are essential for healthy living. Because it works along with your body directly, CBD produces major effects. Because CBD plays such a role in our mental health, it also plays a part in preventing anxiety, depression, and stress from keeping us from being active.

Feeling Great While Your Body’s in Motion

If you are going out of your way to take part in active, physical activity at least a few times a week, you are well aware of the physical toll that can be put on your body. Post-workout fatigue is something all of who regularly workout has gone through from time to time. We know what it means to feel like jello once the workout is complete. Within a day or two, soreness takes over the muscles that were being used.

Using a CBD product might be able to help your sore and stiff muscles and joints through the recovery process. Hen using CBD becomes part of the regular routine, your body will not feel the pain and stiffness that comes with working out and your body won’t require as much time to rest and recuperate. This prevents you from being forced to take as many days off in between working out.

Because it’s full of both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is believed to both limit inflammation and pain felt throughout the body. A CBD product can be used either before or after working out. This is especially true of products that are applied to the skin such as a cream or lotion. You will be able to keep being active with the use of a CBD balm, lotion, or ointment that is applied to the areas of your body needing some extra attention.

Getting the Most Out of Your Sleep

All of us would like to get a more restful sleep at night when going to bed. Regardless if your struggle is falling asleep or staying out through the entire night, this can lead to waking up still exhausted. Throw in an exhausting workout the day before and this makes matters even worse. If you can relate to what’s being said, you are already fully aware of the effect this creates on both your mental and physical health.

One of the benefits people are receiving from the use of a CBD product is a better night of sleep. Both homeostasis and the impact felt from sleep is improved with the use of CBD. Again, there is still plenty of research and study being completed. Still, thousands of people saying they are sleeping better than they have in years after using CBD can’t be wrong.

When you are taking a CBD product orally, you will experience these benefits quicker than any other method. This is because the CBD goes directly into the bloodstream instead of having to pass through the digestive system before spreading throughout the body. By making CBD a part of your daily routine, you both get rid of the feeling of tiredness throughout the day, as well as fall asleep faster with a better quality of sleep at night.

Active Lifestyles and CBD

It can be a difficult task going out of your way to make sure you are staying physically active. This being said, it is well worth the rewards and benefits your body will encounter. It is a little easier maintaining an active lifestyle with the use of a CBD product.

Regardless if it is sore muscles, a lack of sleep or mental health getting in your way, using CBD will make things easier as far as creating a healthy routine. Now that we have looked at a few ways using CBD helps you pursue an active lifestyle, let’s take a closer look at some of the questions asked most frequently by those new to using CBD.

How do I take CBD?

A lot of this answer will depend on why you are taking CBD. Some of the more popular methods of use include CBD oil under the tongue, a gelcap or capsule, a topical such as lotion or cream, and edibles.

As mentioned earlier, by far one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD is by using a tincture, a few drops underneath the tongue. Use the dropper that comes with your product and put a few drops under your tongue. Hold the liquid there for 30-45 seconds before swallowing. This ensures the CBD gets in your bloodstream as quickly as possible.

Another common way of using CBD for those pursuing an active lifestyle is by using a topical such as a cream or lotion. Not only do these products have added benefits for skin health and beauty, but they also allow you to focus the CBD on a specific area of your body. Are your arms sore after lifting more weight than usual? Apply a cream and literally rub the soreness away. Calves and knees sore after a hard leg day at the gym? Use a cream or lotion and get back to full strength in no time.

There is one drawback when it comes to using a topical. Because the product is rubbed into and has to absorb the skin, you are not going to feel the effects as quickly as you would with a tincture under the tongue. That being said, by making these cream and lotion products a part of your daily routine, the effects will happen naturally and become part of daily life.

How much should I use?

If you are brand new to using CBD, you always need to start with a smaller amount. Use this same amount every day for the first week. Once you see how your body will respond to using CBD, slowly begin to increase your dosage once or twice a week. Do this until you find the amount that provides the results you’re looking for.

Just a heads up, your body will build a tolerance for CBD. Just because you stop getting the results you are used to doesn’t necessarily mean you need to increase the amount you’re taking. Sometimes you simply need to go a few days without using CBD. After doing this, then return to the dosage you were using before taking a break.

Can I use CBD with other medications?

More often than not, the usual answer to this question is, yes, you can use CBD while taking other medications. Still, if you are currently taking medication, regardless if it is prescribed or bought over the counter, you need to have a talk with your doctor prescribing your medications.

Make sure you take the time to prepare for this conversation. Don’t be the person who simply asks a doctor is you can use a CBD product. Tell the doctor exactly why it is you want to start using this. What have you already tried other than CBD that hasn’t worked? What are some common results others are getting when using a product for the same reasons? The more prepared you are for the conversation, the more serious the answer will be you receive from the doctor.