Europe’s First Cannabis Wellness Spa Opens in Switzerland


Considering the growth and popularity of cannabis wellness globally, Switzerland opened doors to its first cannabis wellness venture, a cannabis wellness spa that offers cannabis luxury wellness of the cannabidiol kind. Not only is it safe and according to the changing regulations of the country, but it is also an excellent attraction for the COVID weary adventurers looking for a refreshing luxury getaway. Beyond water sports, the Swiss love to be a part of wellness retreats. As an après ski event, the hemp muesli, and yoga with CBD oil scented massages are definitely a lifetime worth of experience in this spa.

Europe’s First Cannabis Wellness Spa Opens in Switzerland 3

Even sooner than now, the cannabis-themed wellness trend will roll out globally, too, as the higher THC offerings will also be a part of the mix. The Swiss experiments with full cannabis legalization almost guarantee this transition.

Even though these ventures may not be under budget for most businessmen for now but with time, it will get better. The hostel, hotel, and hospitality business, when mixed with the wellness industry, has been a long-established tradition in the world that is proven to bring success.

Legally, such wellness centers are always at the forefront of developing aspects of the cannabis case law. This ensures that everything is regulated under the sovereign Narcotics laws. However, in Switzerland, edibles containing THC will now be available not only in the country’s pharmacies but also in the cannabis clubs. Thus, we can pretty soon expect wellness experiences in cooperation with higher levels of THC in the swiss.

Other EU countries like The German Alps and others feature cultural and wellness experiences that are more budget-friendly. In Spain, there are plenty of experiments afloat, and it’s all just a matter of time before most countries will gradually legalize cannabis, with more and more cannabis wellness centers emerging throughout the world.