Does the Pandemic Have More Women Using Cannabis?


So far, 2020 has been one of the most frustrating years of this generation. Regardless of where you live, your age, career, or any other characteristics that set us apart individually, COVID -19 has left a mark on all of us. The entire world has been devastated by this pandemic, regardless of the country you call home. Since last March, finances, economies, lives, everything that could be affected has. More industries than we have time to mention have been turned upside down. The cannabis industry hasn’t been special. It’s also experienced major effects.

Women Using Cannabis

Depending on the industry your business is in, there has mainly been one of two different results. If what you do either helps others handle safety issues and health problems, or what you are doing enables people to better cope with the mental effects of what is happening, business has probably been fairly good.

Yes, things have been crazy, but at least there has been a paycheck coming in. If your business has nothing to do with either of these areas, you’ve more than likely been one of the hundreds of thousands of businesses that have taken a severe beating this summer.

If your industry is involved with either the physical or mental wellbeing of others, the returns have been positive when it comes to profits coming in. One of these industries that often isn’t considered as beneficial for mental well being is the cannabis industry. With everything taking place in the world of COVID, the business has been crazy when it comes to cannabis. Sales have been through the roof since earlier this spring.

Let’s be honest. In a world of unknown revolving around a virus with no vaccine or end in sight, anyone is able to say they have experienced a significant rise in stress and anxiety. You don’t have to be a scientist to know cannabis has always been a go-to whenever stress has driven people to their limits. In states where cannabis use has been legalized, sales at dispensaries have been surging since early April. Add on what seemed to be a never-ending lockdown, and you have people sitting at home losing their minds.

The family affect

With something as serious as cannabis use, we need to direct our attention away from what higher sales do to the economy and look at the direct impact created on families. When it comes to the stress brought on by COVID, many families have struggled both mentally and financially. The “new normal” has brought on pressure most people should never have to endure simply to carry on with life as normal. If you’re a newly married couple or dealing with young children at home, more often than not, this is taken to extremes.

More and more parents are turning to cannabis use simply to cope with the stressful realities of living in 2020. Not only do finances and the health of the general public steal and joy and peace we’re able to manufacture, stressing over kids and what is happening at school makes things even worse.

Children stuck at home, the loss of work, and making sure you stay at least six feet away from other people has left parents all over the United States turning to cannabis for relief. There was recently a survey completed by Oasis Intelligence with almost 1,000 participants. A high percentage of those who participated admitted to being parents with children stuck at the house who were consuming larger amounts of cannabis than they normally would. This was being done for a mental uplift with all the pressure and stress of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Are moms using cannabis to deal with 2020?

By looking at the stats a little closer, you are easily able to see which parents have been more led to buying cannabis since the pandemic has started. While 11 percent of daddies admit to making a cannabis purchase, 16 percent of mothers are saying they have been led to do the same thing. While these numbers may catch some by surprise, we shouldn’t exactly be shocked to hear this.

There is no question, on average, who is more mature when it comes to parents. The majority of the time, this weight lands on the shoulders of mom. This isn’t saying anything negative about dads. Men were simply created to be dads, and women were created to be mothers. Moms worry. This is how it has been since the start of time. With all the extra concern with what the world is currently facing, it simply makes sense for moms to have an additional edge needing to be taken away.

Also, with kids spending more time at home with schools being closed, according to national averages, this means additional time spent with moms. It only seems natural that when time is able to be enjoyed, mothers would want to make the most out of every minute they can. If cannabis is what’s needed to take the edge off, who could blame a mom who lives in a state where cannabis is legal.

On top of cannabis’ ability to knock an edge off, we all need to keep in mind plenty of people depend on cannabis for other medical reasons. These include treating pain, getting a better night of rest, inflammation, and several other medical reasons. The stress brought on from COVID 19 is enough to make any mother want to feel a brief escape. Add this on top of the countless number of moms already using medical marijuana for other reasons, and there’s no reason to question a spike in the numbers.

This information allows us to grasp just why so many more people would be relying on the use of cannabis to help with anxiety and stress during such trying times. This is especially true of mothers, the parent who responsibly handles the majority of stress experienced in a child’s life. Anyone willing to look at the statistics for what they are can easily understand why moms would be in need of any extra boost they can get, especially when it comes to downtime.

The world we are currently living in is unlike anything we have ever experienced. The ways in which we are being asked to cope and adapt to life would have been unimaginable just seven months ago. There’s nothing normal about it, especially in areas where the numbers are well adobe national averages. Yes, if you live in a state where it is legal to do so, take every extra advantage you are given. Make the most of what you have to work with. Compared to negatively handling stress and anxiety with anger and worry, use the time you have to relax and fully enjoy the additional time that has been given to spend with friends and family.

What to do if cannabis is becoming a problem?

As we’ve mentioned, if you are someone who has been using cannabis more than usual to help with stress and anxiety during the pandemic, especially moms, we fully understand. That being said, any great thing that is used too much has the ability to become something horrible. There’s nothing wrong with using cannabis to help relieve the pressures we are currently living through.

However, if things are getting to the point you are unable to function unless using cannabis, there is a great chance you are using too much. If what we just said hits a little too close to home, consider using CBD Oil instead of cannabis. While the majority of people will tell you cannabis is non-addictive, it very easily can become something you depend upon.

There’s an easy answer to this question if you are willing, to be honest about yourself. When you enter a room, does peace or aggravation accompany you? Your answer shouldn’t depend on who is in your presence or what the specific circumstances are. If others have to watch what they say and how they act when you are not using cannabis, there is a good chance it is starting to get a grip on the way you live. Just something you might want to keep in mind.