CBD Will Deliver Happiness, But It Won’t Get You High


Regardless of where you live, CBD is becoming more and more popular. On a regular basis, we hear of a new reason why users are using CBD products. Everything from creams and lotions, capsules and soft gels, edibles, oils under the tongue, CBD is now trending among the vape community with e-liquids being made with CBD oil. Not only are there plenty of benefits for health and wellness with CBD products, but people are also happy about using CBD. I can honestly say I can think of several things that benefit my health that I’m not happy about. This can be a rare find.

The Basics

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant. There are more than 80 similar compounds, known as cannabinoids, being extracted from this plant. These cannabinoids are popular for being beneficial to our health and wellness in one way or another. One of the main reasons for this is because the endocannabinoid system, ECS, has receptors that are bound together with these cannabinoids.

Your body is able to stay balanced through the work of the ECS. Normal everyday functions such as your memory, appetite, your mood, sleep, and pain are regulated by this system. It’s safe to say that outside of your brain, this system is what controls how your body operates and functions.

The bliss molecule and CBD

There are two different ways in which CBD appears to work. Along with cell receptors binding, helping your body to remain balanced, it also stops anandamide, a key compound, from breaking down. This allows the building up of anandamide to a level that is higher, making it much more effective.

This neurotransmitter, anandamide, derives from arachidonic acid and is produced within our bodies. This name is derived from “Ananda,” a Sanskrit word that means delight, pleasure, joy, and happiness. This is a lot of the reason it’s known as the bliss molecule.

How is this molecule unlocked by CBD? Each of us has fatty acids throughout our bodies. The moment a cell is penetrated with anandamide, the fatty acid begins to be broken down. This process is interfered with by CBD, allowing anandamide loner life as to being broken down.

According to research and study, the prevention of the body breaking down anandamide improves our mood and lowers anxiety caused by stress. The individuals suffering the most from anxiety and stress were also the people with a lower anandamide level. Because of this, using a CBD product will naturally make you a happier person.

Why do people associate CBD with getting high?

First Time Vaper

As mentioned earlier, there are many compounds extracted from the cannabis plant for health and wellness benefits. CBD is simply one of the two most popular. The other compound extracted from cannabis people are familiar with is THC. THC is the compound that produces the high when marijuana is smoked.

This is why many people have the misconception that using a CBD product will get them high. They are so familiar with THC and that it comes from cannabis, they simply assume that anything cannabis is associated with will produce the same effect. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, CBD weakens the effects of THC.

While both compounds are extracted from the cannabis plant, they serve different purposes and have different property makeups. THC is psychoactive, causing it to be intoxicating. CBD, on the other hand, is more therapeutic. This means it is more for relaxation and relief. Yes, it’s possible to relax without being intoxicated. While many people will use intoxicating substances to relax such as alcohol or marijuana, it is very easy to relax without getting a buzz.

Part of CBD being legal on the federal level throughout the United States is that its THC level has to be under .3 percent. At levels this low, you will not get high using a CBD product. Regardless of the amount you are using and the method a product is used, you will not get a buzz from using a CBD product.

Yes, you will be happier. We have already stated that it is backed by research. Again, it is very possible to experience happiness without being intoxicated. People do this every day. So, if CBD doesn’t get you high, what are some of the reasons why people are using it? We will discuss a few of these reasons with the rest of our article.

Pain Relief

We have already touched on the endocannabinoid system being used for everyday functions in our body. One of these functions is regulating the pain our bodies experience. Endocannabinoids are produced by the body which binds themselves with receptors throughout the nervous system. By producing an impact on the activity of these receptors, CBD is able to lower the amount of chronic pain that is felt in our bodies.

Reduces Depression and Anxiety


If you are someone who battles anxiety or depression, you are already completely aware of the effects these illnesses have on every aspect of your life. Based on the information provided by the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of disability throughout the world. Anxiety wasn’t far behind, coming in at sixth on the list.

More often than not, if you suffer from depression or anxiety, a pharmaceutical drug is the common answer a medical doctor will have for you. These drugs can produce more harm than good within users. Side effects that are commonly experienced include agitation, drowsiness, headache, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, and many others. On top of this, many of these medications come with severe addiction threats.

There have been plenty of potential shown by CBD oil as a healthy treatment for both depression and anxiety. If you are someone who suffers from either of these orders, there are plenty of reasons why looking for more natural relief such as CBD would be beneficial.

Alleviating Symptoms Related to Cancer

If you suffer from symptoms that are cancer-related or from side effects that come from many treatments for cancer such as pain, vomiting, and nausea, CBD oil could be very beneficial for you. There was a study completed on over 170 individuals who experienced pain related to cancer and the medication they had been prescribed.

The individuals who were being treated with a treatment containing both THC and CBD benefited from a major decrease in the pain they were feeling compared to those given a treatment with only THC. If you are currently going through chemotherapy and the vomiting and nausea that comes with it, CBD can also play a huge role in decreasing these side effects. This is an area where there is still a ton of research and study that needs to be done. That being said, there’s a lot of promise being demonstrated with CBD.

Reduce Acne

CBD for Acne

At one age or another, almost all of us have had severe issues with acne. That being said, for about nine percent of people, acne is a severe skin issue that you don’t simply outgrow. There are several reasons why acne affects some people worse than it does others. Bacteria, genetics, sebum production, inflammation, and just plain oily skin.

Centered on research that was collected from a recent study, because it is full of anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to decrease the production of sebum, using CBD oil could be the answer for acne relief.

Many Other Reasons

The couple of examples we have provided are just a few of the most common medical reasons for using CBD oil. Many more could be added to the list. Some of these are more serious than others when it comes to illness. That being said, they are all related to health and wellness. Sleeping better through the night, recovering from a workout, toe fungus, and other skin issues, sunburn relief, even epileptic seizures are being addressed with the use of CBD oil. If reading this has led you to the decision of using a CBD oil product, here are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

Start Out Slow

Regardless of how you use CBD oil or the brand name you choose, make sure you get started with a lower dosage and then work your way up. Many of us have a natural idea that more is always better, especially when it concerns pain relief. With CBD, this simply isn’t the case. Start with a low dose every day and stick to this for a week.

After seven days, increase the amount of CBD you are taking with each use. As you get started with the third week of use, begin increasing the amount once, maybe twice a week at most. If you begin to experience effects you don’t like, decrease the amount of CBD oil you are using immediately. If you have any questions concerning the amount of CBD that is right for you, take the time to speak with a doctor who is familiar with your medical history. Make sure they know exactly why you are wanting to take CBD and any other medications you’re currently taking.

Only Use a Reliable Source

As CBD products become more and more popular, it becomes easier and easier to find them. Pharmacies, convenience stores, bars, coffee shops, even restaurants are now selling CBD products. As we have mentioned throughout this article, there are several serious health reasons for taking CBD. Because of this, you need to be careful about where you purchase these products.

A popular rule of thumb is that if the business doesn’t focus on CBD products, you don’t want to be buying what they offer. If the product seems out of place at the location you are in, it’s not a good idea to buy the products from this business.

Think about it this way. If you need serious medication for a symptom, would you be willing to buy it just anywhere? You would probably want to feel confident that the business could answer the questions you have concerning the product you are buying. You won’t find this buying a CBD product from a cashier at the local family diner. Make sure the person you are buying from knows what they are talking about.

Research the Brand

Why CBD oil is now federally legal in the United States, these products are not being federally regulated. This means anyone with a print has the ability to say anything they want when it comes to their product. Yes, there are some very bad people in the CBD industry that want to take advantage of you.

Because of this, spend some time researching the product and brand you are considering using. Do a quick google search to see what other people are saying about the results they have been experiencing. Also, look for brands that have used an independent thor-party for lab testing. This will ensure that they can back the information they use to market and promote their product.