CBD And Other Cannabis Compounds Could Prevent And Treat COVID-19


According to the latest research done at the University of Chicago, certain non-psychoactive compounds can help to prevent coronavirus. However, this was proved in laboratory studies in test tubes and not in the actual world.

CBD And Other Cannabis Compounds Could Prevent And Treat COVID-19 3

It is interesting to note that many other drugs like hydroxychloroquine showed similar results in experiments done in test tubes. However, most of them failed to prevent Covid infection when it came to the real-world scenario. Similarly, scientists had also worked on various cancer drugs to prevent Covid infection in labs, and even such methods failed in clinical trials.

However, CBD needs to be studied in clinical trials to see if it can successfully be used to treat Covid patients. Small doses of CBD can be used as an oral drug to treat severe epilepsy.

According to researchers, CBD was not able to prevent the infection of cells in test tubes, but it was able to curb the SARS CoV 2 in infected cells. It would be interesting to see how this works in the actual situation shortly.

The research has attracted a lot of media attention worldwide, and many researchers are eager to try CBD in clinical trials. Considering the other benefits of such drugs for some diseases, it is an excellent option to go for clinical trials. If this succeeds, CBD will get more recognition in the medical field.

Even though CBD has shown promising results in test tubes against coronavirus, smoking Cannabis may not provide the same effect, according to experts.