A Few Major Benefits Of CBD


There is a great chance you have heard of people using CBD oil products and some of the incredible results they are getting in return. That is unless you live in some faraway place with no wifi, television, or radio. Thousands of people are now using CBD oil for relief from everything from seizures, warts, anxiety, even cancer patients are finding the relief they are unable to find anywhere else through a CBD product.

We all know how this goes, though. Someone finds a $1000 buried in their backyard, and by the time the news gets around town, over a million dollars was dug up. Regardless of the subject being discussed, there will always be people who exaggerate, either just a little or a lot. So, when it comes to the benefits of using CBD oil, what are the benefits people are really getting, and what is simply the benefits some are hoping they receive? Separating the two is the focus of today’s article.

When it comes to the research and science behind CBD oil, we are still in some of the earliest stages. When it comes to cannabinoid, any legitimate scientist will be quick to tell you there is still a ton that needs to be learned. This doesn’t mean CBD is a hoax and doesn’t work. It simply means there is still a lot of science and research needing to be completed.

Let me ask you something. If you tell me cold water refreshes you better than Pepsi after a two-mile jog, are you going to take my word on what is working better for me, or are you going to demand I back it with science and a thesis? See where I’m going?

Still, with all the work still needing to be completed when it comes to study and research behind CBD oil, there is still a ton of noise being made in regards to the benefits of using a CBD product. No, CBD is not a cure-all and is never going to get rid of even half the illness and sickness in our world. However, there are thousands of people finding relief with countless everyday illnesses and health issues. Before taking a dive into some of them, let’s take a look at what exactly CBD is.

Taking CBD before work

What is CBD Oil?

I hope this isn’t where you’re turning for all the information there is to know on CBD. You are not going to find that here. My goal is to keep this as simple as possible. Big words and long terms simply complicate things. Again, the goal of this article is to focus on some of the benefits you can receive from using CBD. The majority of the people reading this will already know what I am sharing, here.

CBD’s a cannabinoid, a compound in the form of a chemical that is extracted from a cannabis plant. When a cannabinoid is ingested, our ECS is influenced. The endocannabinoid system is made up of chemicals and receptors that can be found in any mammal.

One of the most common questions you will hear regarding CBD oil is are the products even legal to use? Technically speaking, the answers both yes and no need to be given here. When CBD is extracted from industrial hemp, it is legal for use at the federal level in the United States. This is due to the passing of the Farm Bill which was passed in 2018. This bill defines hemp as legal due to the fact the THC level is lower than .3 percent in hemp.

The other question that is asked almost just as frequently is won’t using CBD oil get you high? There is only one answer to this question. No. You will not get high using CBD oil, regardless of the amount you are using or how it is being used. Again, this is because the THC level is lower than .3 percent. When people smoke marijuana,

THC is the compound that produces the high or buzz. Because the amount of THC found in CBD oil is so low, you will not get high. As a matter of fact, taking CBD on a regular basis will lower the high or buzz feeling you receive when using other forms of THC such as smoking weed. If your goal is to alter your mind, CBD is not what you are looking for. There are countless benefits you can receive from using CBD oil. Getting high simply isn’t one of them, if you consider that a benefit. Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to.

CBD for Inflammation and Pain

Think for just a second about all the people you personally know who are quick to tell you about how good CBD is working for them. No, they might not exactly be professional athletes or bodybuilders, but the majority of them can be described as active people. This isn’t a simple coincidence. There is plenty of reasoning.

Inflammation and pain can be negging issues for these people. Regardless if they are active at a gym, have physically demanding careers, or simply spend a lot of time playing with the kids, their body is regularly being pushed to the limits. When it comes to treating pain, CBD has quickly become a game-changer for these individuals.

There are several routes in which CBD oil will take action on pain. One of the most popular is its ability to relieve inflammation. There has been plenty of documentation and completed study in regards to the effectiveness of CBD oil with relieving inflammation.

Because pain is one of the common effects of inflammation, CBD products have begun replacing painkillers and medications purchased over the counter, and many that are prescribed as well. Along with providing relief for sore and overused muscles, there are just as many people using a CBD product for joint pain relief they are unable to find anywhere else.

CBD Treats Anxiety

There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t get anxious about something at least every now and then. Maybe you are a die-hard fan and it happens every time your team takes the field. Others experience anxiety when they are preparing for a test or an event that will affect their career. The issue is even bigger for some people. Being behind the wheel of a car creates a stir inside of them that is beyond their control. There are people who can’t even leave their homes because of the anxiety they experience when they come face to face with a stranger. Being anxious is one thing. Suffering from chronic anxiety on the other hand is a demon you have to know to understand.

Many people have found effective relief for anxiety from using a CBD product. Just like much of the other study and research around CBD oil, there is still a lot that needs to be learned. That being said, when it comes to what we have learned and the testimonies many people have been giving, the future looks very promising when it comes to treating anxiety with a CBD product.

CBD for Sleep

There has already been some research completed and there’s still plenty on going that shows CBD can be used to get a better night’s sleep. This is because the endocannabinoid system performs specific functions that are essential for sleep.

The primary function is maintaining the body’s balance while asleep. Our body has a circadian rhythm that performs best when it is healthy. CBD can play a role in this. To put it simply, this makes our body alert during the day and lets us get sleepy at night or dark time hours. Unless you are someone who works a third-shift job, this is vital in your body getting the exact sleep it needs.

Study and lab results show us that CBD not only helps us fall asleep quicker when we lay down, it also helps us get a better quality of sleep. Our minds and bodies receive the rest they need to recharge and be ready to go the next morning. Unlike using sleeping aids that can be purchased over the counter, with CBD oil, you won’t wake up feeling drowsy and like you are still half asleep.

Also, many have said that with using CBD to help with sleep, there was less need for a nap throughout the day. The person was more alert and energized from the time they woke up until they went back to sleep that night.

CBD for Seizures

If you are someone who has followed the CBD industry for long, you are completely aware of the fact that CBD oil is being used to treat epileptic seizures, especially with children who have been unable to find any kind of relief with other prescribed medications.

On top of the countless stories we have heard from parents who were willing to try anything to better the quality of life for their children, this area has provided the most scientific research and study in terms of using CBD. It works. The FDA’s approval of “Epidiolex” is all the proof we need. This is the only medication with CBD that has been approved by the FDA. Hopefully, it’s just a start and there will be plenty more in the near future.

This is by no means a complete list of all the benefits people are receiving from using CBD oil. My goal was to only provide a few. I didn’t want to touch on people using CBD for sunburns, to improve the beauty of their skin, and the relief they get from athlete’s foot.

I wanted to provide a few areas which were much more serious. Anxiety is an alarming issue affecting more people than we know simply because they are too afraid to discuss the matter. More people than I can count would give anything for just one good night of sleep. Aching muscles and joint pain not only hurts, but it also lowers the quality of life people live. And as someone who was constantly being taken from the classroom to the hospital through elementary school for having seizures, I know how frightening and serious that can be for any child and their parents.

If CBD is providing relief for issues as serious as these, what’s keeping you from trying a CBD product?