What Is CBD Wax and How to Use It? 


CBD is the new gold rush. People are leaving their houses in droves and heading straight towards the CBD. They are excited about all it has to offer them – from pain reliefs (of which there are many) to mental clarity.

CBD may be the solution for everything from depression to chronic pain. But it’s not without side effects. Side effects include drowsiness and confusion, which can make driving or operating machinery unsafe. If you’re in a hurry, know your limits.

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What Is CBD Wax and How to Use It?

Experts say YES! Just don’t take more than recommended amounts. This is because too much could lead some people into addiction territory where they’ll want their fix constantly rather than occasionally as directed on package directions.

CBD wax is a type of CBD product that can be beneficial for many different types of people. One way it’s often used as an alternative treatment and why so many are interested in this form. It offers relief without any psychoactivity – meaning you get medicinal benefits with none or little mental stimulation. Learn more about what exactly “wax” means by reading below.

Meaning of CBD Wax?

If you’re new to the modern world of Cannabis, CBD wax is a type of concentrate. It’s growing in popularity because it contains higher levels than other types and has many benefits that make these shines worth taking for those who want an alternative medication without any side effects or high THC count required from smoking marijuana. As such, one only needs less volume, which means more potent results with little effort.

How to make Wax?

Many people are familiar with the idea of cooking Cannabis, which typically entails smoking or vaporizing. But there is another way to consume Cannabinoids: as a liquid wax. The process for making these CBD-rich compounds starts by blasting plant matter with solvents under high pressure in what’s called a closed-loop extraction system. There are many types of equipment available on today’s market that employ this technique. One popular type includes CO2 extractors because they require less energy than other methods while still providing efficient results. Below are the methods you can use to make wax:

  1. Butane Hash Oil Extraction (BHO): Butane extraction is a popular method of cannabis production that uses butane to extract active ingredients from plants such as cannabinoids and terpenes. The chemical component left over after this process can be hazardous if not handled properly. This is because it poses risks for explosion during production or exposure. However, these dangers are often overlooked in favor of higher yields due to their efficiency at pulling out all types of plant matter with no leftover waste product. You can only see a residue of carbon dioxide emissions, which occur when exhaling during inhalation exercises like yoga breaths (which we recommend).
  2. CO2 Extraction: Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction is a process that uses pressurized CO2 to extract cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. High pressure and heat are used in this super-efficient way of turning the gas into a liquid, with characteristics like those found on both sides or before each phase–a perfect catalyst for separation.

Whereas butane has been shown to leave behind some unwanted solvents, CO2 is a much cleaner and safer method for creating CBD waxes. The process uses no harmful chemicals, which means you can enjoy your medication without fear of ingesting any dangerous toxins along with it.

Extracting CBD from hemp has been done for centuries. But only in recent years have the techniques become more sophisticated to produce potent extracts. Modern-day producers use a blend of creativity and science as they work on their craft with high levels of expertise that can be seen in every step of production.

Types of CBD wax

There are a wide variety of CBD wax products on the market. But knowing what they’re called can help you find one that suits your needs. For example, if smoking is not an option for you at home because it’s against health code regulations, “shatters” would be perfect. The different types of CBD wax are:

  1. CBD Shatter: Shatter, also known as CBD Shatters or shattered, is a type of extract obtained through chemical extraction methods. It takes on the appearance and properties of a breakable glass with an amber hue when heated. This turns gooey when cooled down again as honey does after thickening in warm conditions.
  2. CBD Budder: When you heat hemp, it releases the beneficial CBD. But if no pressure is used to extract and purify this plant-based oil from its THC content, all that’s left behind are fluffy balls of wax called “budder”. These little buds are referred to by many people who enjoy using them for vaping or eating in various dishes across different cultures around town.
  3. CBD Crumble: CBD crumble is made with the same process as budder. It uses a pre-purged CBD oil and has more moisture. This makes it crumbly compared to other extractable forms like feta cheese or waxes with high viscosity levels.
  4. CBD Live Resin: Freezing first preserves the cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp. This results in what some consider to be “the crème de la cremes.” This type of CBD wax typically costs more than other methods like CO2 extraction. The process by which we make our products is called “winterization” because it takes place over winter (in cold storage). You’ll find that freezing affects different parts of plants differently. When Marijuana flowers are frozen, they become darker; this gives them their signature THC taste while still preserving as much active THC within those samples.

How to Use CBD Wax

CBD wax is an innovative way of consuming CBD. The most popular form of consumption is dabbing, and there are many reasons why you might choose this method, including the ability to heat your product quickly in order for it to be more effective. There isn’t just one type or shape that will work best when using a vape pen.

Below are methods you can use CBD wax:

  • Dabbing: Dabbing is the most popular way to consume CBD wax. It’s a process, which works by using heated mineral oil. When applied on a hot surface, it will vaporize it with no burning residue left behind in order for you to enjoy its effects through inhalation of these terrenes as well. With so many different ways out there now, such as vaping oils or applying them topically. If your goals were something other than medicinal use, then this would not be ideal. But rather find another method suited towards what you want from medication without any negative side-effects whatsoever -or risk throwing away all those dollars just yet 😉 To experience the best of what dabbing has to offer, you’ll need a rig. There is no one perfect type or size. This is because people have different preferences when it comes down to their choice regarding materials and styles that work well with them. One major component common among all rigs are nails which act like an oven where cannabinoids turn into vapor form. The process involves melting wax onto these titanium/ceramic rods then adding more if needed until enough liquid evaporates. So there will not be any issues during inhalation.
  • Bong: You can also use a bong to take CBD. Place your wax in the bowl of any water pipe, light it up and inhale like you normally would when smoking pot.
  • Vaporizing: Vaporizing CBD is a popular method of ingestion. If you’re interested in enjoying your vape pen with every single moment. It’s important that the best quality vaporizer can be taken on an adventure and will produce excellent results for concentrates like wax or oil dabbing sessions at home as well. Investing money into getting one high-end device means using titanium coils. They’re key when looking to achieve excellent results from these types of products. This is because they heat up faster than other materials used within them (Quartz Crystals & Ceramic Heating Chambers).


It’s not your imagination- CBD wax is a more potent form of cannabinoid. It can be not easy to adjust when you’re using something else, but many people have seen better results after switching over from tinctures or capsules.