What Are CBD Rich Flavors, Buds, And Joints?


Originally, if you were wanting to use cannabidiol, CBD flower was your only option. A hemp plant will naturally be CBD rich, along with being full of other terpenes and cannabinoids. Yes, there are small amounts of THC found in a hemp plant. That being said, the traces of THC are so small that regardless of how much you use, you will not be able to get high. Normally, the plants are legal because the amount of THC is under .3 percent. While a hemp plant may look exactly like a marijuana leaf, you will not receive the same effect.

If you are wanting to use a hemp pud, there are a few options to choose from. They can be smoked, vaped, and even used to make edibles containing CBD. With smoking or vaping CBD, the bioavailability level is higher than other ways of consuming CBD. This means if you are looking to take part in the benefits of using CBD oil, smoking, or vaping will be your most effective method. We will use the rest of this article to take a look at CBD joints and buds and the different ways in which they can be enjoyed.


What is a CBD flower?

Every hemp plant will have pods on them. These are what is known as the flower. The CBD level will vary in hemp, at times reaching a level of 25 percent cannabidiol along with other cannabinoids at full spectrum. The most significant difference between hemp and marijuana is the THC level is much lower within a hemp plant. Hemp can now be cultivated in the United States with the passing of the Farm Bill. Also, in each of the 50 states, it is now legal to purchase hemp. That being said, in order to purchase a product that is CBD-based, a few states still require the individual to java a prescription from a doctor. Select stores even go as far as selling hemp products online.

There are three primary variations of hemp bud, hybrid, indica, and Sativa. Sound familiar? These names are also used and popular among strains of marijuana. Each of them contains a unique cannabinoid and terpene profile, setting them apart from one another and producing similar, but very different effects. While a Sativa strain is known for being more invigorating, an indica strain has the ability to induce sleepiness.

Can hemp be smoked?

Yes, technically speaking, you can smoke hemp buds the same way you would smoke marijuana. You can purchase hemp in a joint or cigarette that has already been rolled that will have around a gram of hemp that is rich in CBD. Also, a vape can be used for a hemp flower through a dry herb vaporizer. This is just as effective as smoking a hemp joint, but your lungs and throat won’t feel any nasty effects. You can even go as far as buying a dry herb tank or pen that can be used for either hemp or weed. Some of the most popular ways of using CBD hemp include smoking, edibles, vaping, even drinking it with tea or coffee.

CBD hemp’s pros and cons

If you are looking for a natural source of CBD, hemp is by far the best option. If vaping or smoking cannabis is your thing, the different strains of hemp available will be exciting for you. Along with the three variations, the strains can also be bought with the classic taste and smell of marijuana. If edibles such as cookies or brownies are your thing, CBD flower is a must for your favorite edible recipes, especially the ones you would normally make with weed.

There is a loss of convenience with CBD hemp when compared to vaping cartridges with CBD or a CBD e-liquid. Also, this hemp looks identical to marijuana which could get some unwanted attention. Smoking a CBD hemp joint that is bought pre-rolled isn’t as safe as vaping a CBD juice. Many people are quick to suggest that when it comes to CBD hemp, a vape, tincture, and edibles are your best bet.


For several years, the focus of those who breed cannabis has been increasing the THC level of a cannabis strain to meet the demands of a given market. Here recently, as more and more attention is being given to the benefits of using CBD oil, more markets have been searching for strains that are richer in CBD instead of looking for a buzz.

When it comes to hemp buds, what is known as being “CBD rich” refers to the content of CBD a strain of cannabis has. These CBD strains are being bred specifically to be higher in CBD content, while being lower when it comes to THC level, making the strain legal to be sold throughout the United States.

We already stated that each of these strains has its own unique cannabinoid profile. The cannabinoids contained in the strain and their quantity is what determines these profiles. As of now, over 110 cannabinoids that come from the cannabis plant have been isolated. The two that are both the most popular and predominant are THC and CBD.

Creating different strains of CBD

A breeder can create a cannabis strain that has both different compositions and traits. The process includes breeding different plants possessing the desired generations and traits and can take a few years to get just right. Along with different ratios and amounts of CBD, THC, and several other cannabinoids, a breeder also looks at how other traits can be manipulated, including:

  • The ability to resist and adapt to different diseases
  • The yield and size of the plant
  • Traits of the flower, including size, color, shape, quality of resin, flavor, and aroma
  • Production and productivity of the seed

Amount of CBD in a gram of hemp flower

There will be between 100-200mg of CBD in a one gram measurement of hem flower. Of course, this depends on the strain’s CBD concentration. It’s not uncommon to find these concentrations labeled in percentages.

CBD flower or a hemp bud can dose CBD in several different ways. Each method will have both its own drawbacks and advantages. We have provided a few tips you will want to consider regardless of the method you choose for taking hemp buds.

CBD activation

The plant matter will need to be heated regardless of the method you use for dosing with a hemp bud. This can be done by cooking, smoking, or vaping. It is very inefficient to consume a raw hemp bud. A very little amount of CBD will absorb into the body when this is done.

Natural with no additives

Using a hemp flower to dose is both a pure and natural way of accessing CBD. This is because no other materials have been added or combined with the product and the plant hasn’t been processed. This is why a hemp bud may just be the best option of CBD, especially for those who are allergic to a carrying agent that is commonly used with CBD products.

Difficult to dose

There is a negative with using a hemp flower. The specific dose is much more difficult to calculate in mg compared to a capsule or CBD oil. Still, the plan of using a lower dose to start such as only smoking a small amount or vaping and slowly raising the amount until you experience the effect you are craving is applicable.

Smoking hemp buds

When hemp puds are combusted and then inhaled, the CBD is absorbed in the bloodstream through the lungs. This can be an effective method of absorbing CBD, but the inhalation of the smoke has a drawback. The respiratory system can be damaged.

When CBD flower is smoked, the feeling can be familiar with the feeling you get when smoking marijuana or even a cigarette. The difference between hemp buds and recreational cannabis is the content of CBD and THC. If you are wanting to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes or limit the amount of THC you are consuming, smoking hemp buds can be a huge help.