The Therapeutic Benefits Of Cannabis Seeds


The year 2018 was nothing less than a year of transformation for the United States of America as a farm bill was passed that legalized the growth of cannabis (industry). However, not all states legalized it, it depended on the individual states of the USA on how they submitted details of their particular states hand program to the government of the USA. Nonetheless, the Farm Bill still ended up breaking the 81-year-old law of prohibition of growing and consuming cannabis in the states. It might seem a little absurd to many that the early colonies of America were initially required to grow the cannabis crop and it was legal.

Cannabis Seeds

It’s true when the early Americans started preparing fertile landscapes especially in the eastern side of the United States, several laws were passed that required the farmers to grow and harvest cannabis. One of the main reasons to do this was to obtain plant Phiber which could be used in making clothes, rope, paper, and other such textiles during that time. Another noteworthy fact that was considered to boost the cultivation of cannabis was the exceptional nutritional content of the cannabis seeds. Back then in the US, can you bees were very necessary to maintain wealth and also protect the country. And today, even though the production of him and candies has become legal, the same is not legal. But it would shock you to know that many people all over the world are trying to incorporate these can your seeds into the everyday diet because of their astounding health benefits. Many consider cannabis seeds to be a superfood. Now, let’s take a look at what exactly these canopies seeds contain that makes them so nutritional and how we benefit from it. Read on.

A brief background on cannabis seeds

Firstly, we would like to clarify that there is absolutely no nutritional difference between cannabis seeds and hemp seeds. And if you think that the cannabis seed plant will grow up into a fully grown plant that contains great amounts of THC, still the THC compound that is known for its psychoactive properties will not exist in the cannabis seed of that plant. The THC compound is only present in the stomach, leaves, flowers, and the stem of the cannabis plant. This is mainly why cannabis seeds can on their own stand up for exceptional health benefits and nutritional content. Although cannabis seeds lack therapeutic cannabinoids, they still make up for exceptional nutritional and general health benefits. Their protein and omega acid content is supposedly the second highest when it comes to plant-derived foods. It might be easy for you to find him products or even seeds in the nearest grocery store near you; finding cannabis seeds is a little difficult if they are not legal in the state that you live. And we completely urge you to not go ahead and buy the cannabis seeds if they are termed as illegal in your state or country. Anyways, let’s take a look at the nutritional analysis of cannabis seeds.

It is very incredible to know how much nutrition these cannabis seeds contain — let’s start with protein, the cannabis seeds, and a complete protein source as they contain all the nine essential amino acids that are required for a human body. Our body cannot produce those nine assets and therefore we need to octane it from resources that are external and there are very few plant resources available to obtain this, among them cannabis seeds are the top second.

Now, coming to the outer shell of the seeds — they are rich in fiber. Therefore we recommend you to go for cannabis seeds that still have their outer shell intact. Even without the shell, there is still good enough fiber present in the seeds. Cannabis seeds are composed of omega three, six, nine, essential fatty acids, and GNA. In addition to this, can you be seeds also have copper, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, folic acid, vitamin E and also certain b vitamins such as folate, thiamine, vitamin B6, etc. The cake topper here is that cannabis seeds aid digestion and are also easily digestible as well – you can eat them shelled, raw, cooked – the sky is simply the limit.

Eating cannabis seeds

It’s not really very difficult to understand how to eat can you be seeds you can eat them cooked or even raw and you don’t have to understand some other process to reap nutrition and health benefits from them. However, eating cannabis seeds becomes more enjoyable if you make a Mail out of it instead of just consuming them in the raw form. For instance, many find roasting the cannabis seeds and then eating them as enjoyable. some even combine the roasted cannabis seeds along with a crunchy snack like kale chips and eat away. You can even add the roasted cannabis seeds to boiling water along with some of your favorite spices and make your own can you Brishti and drink it, trust us this form of tea has great nutritional potency. You can also sprinkle shell seeds on various fruits to spice them up, for example, you can include them with quinoa, yogurt, oatmeal, salads, smoothies, and even in hummus. You could also press the seeds to make oil or even grind them into a fine powder and add it to your flour or even milk.

Understanding the health benefits of eating cannabis seeds

Without much ado let’s understand the benefits that cannabis seeds provide us:

  • It is good for your heart health: The presence of omega-3 fatty acids in the cannabis seeds is believed to improve our heart health and also lowers the risk of developing any cardiovascular disease. Additionally, these seeds contain arginine which is an amino acid that converts into nitric acid and this helps to maintain the good health of our blood vessels and arteries.
  • It heals our skin conditions: These seeds contain anti-inflammatory compounds; skin conditions like dermatitis or acne are all a result of chronic inflammation. And some studies show that cannabis seeds have the potential to alleviate the common symptoms of such conditions.
  • It helps in dealing with inflammation: The amazing ratios of omega-3 and omega-six that are found in cannabis seeds contribute to reducing inflammation. This has many benefits, for example, it benefits asking health, and also keeps chronic diseases away like for example arthritis, fatty liver disease, metabolic syndrome, and even type two diabetes.
  • It helps in weight regulation: diets that include cannabis seeds have been reported in helping individuals regulate their weight problems. If your diet is loaded with minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and cannabis seeds — it is going to help you maintain an optimum BMI level, it will keep you feeling healthy throughout your day, and it also allows you to lower your weight. And the best part about eating cannabis seeds is that even if you are looking at gaining weight, it helps you achieve that as well.
  • It provides you with overall nutrition: Buy now, we all have an idea of how cannabis seeds are nothing but a nutrition powerhouse. And the kind of nutrition that we obtain from cannabis seeds is all-natural unlike those supplements on multivitamins which contain some or the other kind of chemicals in them. For many people, maintaining a balanced diet every single day can be a task, but having cannabis seeds by their sides, all of their everyday nutritional needs are taken care of. And since there are more than one ways of incorporating cannabis seeds into your diet, it’s an added advantage!
  • It helps in treating menopause and PMS symptoms: The gamma-linoleic acid present in these seeds is known to have the power or reducing the negative effects of hormones such as prolactin. This is one hormone that is related to emotional and physical symptoms of menopause and PMS conditions. These seeds will help reduce the symptoms during these stages and also provides relief.

So the next time you look at the cannabis plant for its nutritional and health benefits, remember to not throw away those cannabis seeds for they too are a powerhouse of nutrients! Add them to your salad or just eat them roasted like sunflower seeds, if you make it a habit, then your body will begin to thank you in the long run.