Soothing Greens CBD Bath Bombs Review


Soothing Greens CBD Bath Bombs


Mood and anxiety reliever


Moisturizes & Deodorizes Skin


Menstrual Cramps relief


Cures Muscle and joints Soreness




One of the creative and exciting CBD goods is CBD bath bombs, and Soothing Greens have a perfect formula, through which they have developed them. They’re very self-explicit; it’s a cannabidiol-infused bath blast. Users usually consume CBD as food or oil, but current uses are increasingly common. The inclusion of the advantages of other ingredients. Although the CBD is understudied, supporters claim to be excellent for many purposes with topical CBD applications. The use of natural oils is just a bonus!!

Visualize this – after a tiring day, you get back home, and you dearly love to sink into the bathtub. Just drop the Soothing Greens CBD Filled Bath Bomb and experience a combination of stimulating essential oils and Epsom salts, all rolled up in one so that you can have complete mental & physical regeneration.

Soothing Greens CBD Bath bombs

What are Soothing Greens CBD bath bombs?

There are tablets, injections, massage parlors to heal your stress, anxiety, pain, soreness. But they may be temporary and expensive too. The bath bombs from Soothing Greens dissolve into the water in the bathtub quickly and soothe your skin and pain in a matter of thirty minutes. Such is the power of these ingredients; you can see visible results under four weeks.


The ingredients in the Soothing Green bath bomb are natural plant extracts and powerful. Found below are the list of these, and their primary use:

1. Hemp seed Oil

Hemp seed oil derived from Cannabis sativa small seeds. There are still rich nutrients, fatty acids, and useful bioactive compounds in these seeds, but the amounts of the compounds of the plant itself are not the same ones.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is not equivalent to hemp oil.

Hemp oil is a highly nutritious oil that could be particularly useful for the skin as all types of hemp oil come from food-grain hemp strains. Hemp oil aids in curing eczema, dermatitis, varicose eczema, lichen planus, and acne rosacea, and these are all skin conditions.

2. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a lavender-based essential oil. The skin can orally, and aromatherapy aids in breathing in. The skin can benefit from lavender oil in many ways. It can minimize acne, help to lighten skin, and reduce wrinkles. It can reduce acne as summarized below:

3. Fighting acne

Lavender oil acts to kill bacteria, preventing and treating acne ruptures. When you place it on your skin, it opens pores and decreases inflammation.

4. Eczema and dry skin 

Your skin is dry and scaly with inflammation. It may seem mild or persistent and may occur in many areas.

5. Wrinkles

Lavender oil can help to lighten the skin, as it decreases inflammation. The lavender oil is rich in antioxidants, which help protect you from free radicals. It can reduce discolouration, even dark spots.

6. Inflammation

Lavender oil can relieve severe inflammation. The effects of oil pain relief reduce inflammation, and beta-caryophyllene also serves as a natural anti-inflammatory. 7.

7. Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass is a tropical, medicinal, medicinal, and cooking vine extracted from the lemongrass plant leaves and stalks.

The analgesic effects of Lemongrass Essential Oil indicated to alleviate musculature and articular pain caused by muscle exertion. It is known to increase energy and lower fibre and head swelling caused by viral infections like influenza.

It acts as an antiseptic and as a beneficial ingredient in lotions and creams that prevent injuries. It is possible to alleviate stomach aches and eases spasms in the digestive tract by relieving abdominal pain. It functions by increasing suddenness as a detoxifying agent and thus facilitates the elimination of body toxins.

8. Epsom Salt

It is magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen chemical alloy. It takes its name in Surrey, England, from the village of Epsom. Epsom salt is a separate compound to table salt, despite its name.

9. Citrus Oil

Orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime, and bergamot essential oil are the citrus oils most common in aromatherapy today. To change the fragrance of your house, using either of these oils. They are happy, elevating oils called liquid bottle sunshine. These extracted oils are from citrus fruit.

Soothing Greens CBD Bath bombs review

How does Soothing Greens CBD bath bombs work?

The famous fizziness brought about by bathing bombs is a unique mixture of

sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, Magnesium sulfate, Epsom salts, and natural organic colouring. Bath bombs usually include additives such as essential oils that act as aromatherapy agents and feed directly to the skin. In combination with the hot water of a bath, your body feels as similar as you can to a spa experience in a simple bathtub but safely in your own home and at a low price.

Usually, CBDs’ oral consumption is there, but the bath bombs offer a new form of ingestion: smoked / vaporized or applied topically.

Benefits of Soothing Green CBD bath bombs

  1. Mood and anxiety reliever

A bath doesn’t just mean relaxing and good skin, some people are also taking the time to relax and let go of all the anxieties and tension that define the culture of today.

  1. Bath Bomb Cures Muscle and joints Soreness & stress

CBD bath bombs may be suitable for your recovery if you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or just a physically active individual. CBD can contribute to attention, sleep quality, inflammation, and pain relief. These properties may boost or reduce the time of recovery following intense training. Cleaning Green CBD can help relieve anxiety symptoms and help you feel relaxed.

  1. Menstrual Cramps relief

It is quickly treated and has few if any, side effects. One of the big things about CBD is, You can take a bath with CBD bath bombs for menstrual cramps. Cannabinoid suppositories are one way to use CBD for menstrual cramps.

  1. Hair and Skin

CBD can benefit both the scalp and the skin by providing a range of potential advantages as a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Cannabidiol can help improve wellbeing, including skin and hair, from hydrating the inflamed, dry skin to inhibiting the development of oils. Better results are assured by combining CBD with other essential oils and natural products used in the CBD bath bomb. In terms of CBD and other wellness programs, however, quality is crucial.

  1. Moisturizes & Deodorizes Skin

The skin is our most potent organ and the first line of defence against free radicals and pathogens. We must, therefore, feed and spoil it with the best ingredients that nature has to offer. Bath bombs can amplify the effects of CBD’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

  1. A spa Like Feeling

Baking soda, citric acid, Epsom (magnesium sulfate), and natural organic colouring create a unique mixture that creates classic dizziness caused by explosives. Bath bombs typically contain additives such as essential oils serving as agents of aromatherapy and nourishing agents acting straight on the skin. With the hot bathwater, your body can feel as similar as possible to spa experiences in a simple bath, but safely in your own home and at a lower cost.

Soothing Green CBD bath bombs side effects

Bath bombs and bath fizzes are healthy when used as per the procedure detailed. Some people may feel skin irritation, and eye irritation may occur if the eyes get exposed. Restricted symptoms such as oral pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are likely to be caused by accidental intake. Besides, pregnant women, or women aspiring to become pregnant in the immediate future, should not order or use the bath bombs.

Soothing Green CBD bath Bombs cost

The company can only sell Soothing Green CBD bath Bombs through its official website. Currently, they have only four offers given below-

  • Get four bath bombs @ $34.99. (Save 10%) without any extra Shipping Charges.
  • Purchase eight bath bombs at the rate of $59.99(save 30%.)—No extra charges for shipping
  • Take twelve bath bombs for $82.99.(save $40%.)—shipping charges will be free.
  • Buy Twenty four bath bombs and pay only $139.99.(save $50%.) – free shipping.

Soothing Greens CBD Bath bombs reviews

Soothing Green CBD bath Bombs Money back guarantee 

We are sure that you will benefit from our CBD Bath Bombs medicinal and rejuvenation benefits. Nevertheless, we will refund your money back, no questions asked, if you are not pleased with the outcome!

If you feel that the product is not suitable for you, the company offers you a money-back option for their customers. In that case, you just have to pay for the shipping charges. The rest of the money, you will get back. So before buying the product, read the company’s privacy policy.

Before demanding a refund or termination, the customer is allowed to try out the product and determine its performance. In Case you are dissatisfied with the item, you may collect your refund. Please call Customer Service at 877-353-5124.

There are no reimbursements of transport and storage costs shall not be reimbursed, and refunds allocated within the first thirty days.

For any return, RMA numbers are required and available on request by calling customer service. RMA numbers for return product authorization. Allotment of RMA numbers in 2 working days. Within 30 days of shipping, return goods in their original package to the address of the company.

Persons who are pregnant or who have reason to believe in being pregnant should not order this product over the next 60 days. If refunds are not issued, then returns are disapproved. If you are unsure if you can take the drug,

you must consult a medical practitioner before making an order. I also understand, subject to the provisions of Section 3, that I may cancel my refund without any further obligation within 24 hours by calling 877-353-5124

Within 5-7 working days, all refunds will appear on your credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the weed content in CBD stem get included in the Soothing Green? 

No, the extermination of the weed content through natural processes and the CBD oil gets mixed with other ingredients.

  1. Can all people use the Soothing Green CBD Bath Bombs?

No, women who are pregnant or who intend to become pregnant should not purchase this product.

  1. Is there any artificial ingredient mixed with this bath bomb? 

None at all. All are pure natural products or derivative of plant extracts.

  1. When can one start expecting results from soothing green bath bombs?

Results can be seen and felt only after the fourth week of usage.

Customer Reviews

By Bruce Chapman

“I never knew that a bath could help cure anxiety or stress, which I was anyway a victim too. I purchased the soothing bath bombs, and it has been more than a month for me to realize the miracles it does to me..”

By Radcliffe Harry

“There has been a bathtub unused in my restroom for years. Once I saw an advertisement for Soothing green bath bombs, I put my tub to good use. I felt the effects in a month, and now I think the shower is unnecessary! “

By Victor Jr.

“I am a hardcore exerciser, but could never recover from my muscles soreness, to go to the gym the next day. My coach recommended this soothing green product, and now I feel so active, after a gym workout, and wonder, what happened to my soreness?.”

By Emma Roseland

“I was a frequent user of soothing Green CBD bath bombs till I got pregnant. I stopped using it, since the experts forbid you to use it, for a pregnant lady. Now it has been six months since I delivered my child, and I have resumed my bathtub magic with the bath bomb again!.”

The final verdict

Probably one of the most impressive additions to the CBD sector is CBD bath bombs. They are ideal for people who do not need to take CBD and want to apply it to the skin instead. It is not essential. But bath bombs offer a little more comfort than traditional creams. If you enjoy a little self-love, CBD bath bombs may be the perfect treat now and then.

Soothing Greens CBD Bath bombs Price