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The brand Sagely Naturals has decided to make topically applied body care products their priority. Their claim is that their products are free of artificial colors and dyes, fragrances, sulfates, and Parabens. Finding non-toxic body care products is not an easy task. Finding such a product, which has the added benefit of CBD, is even more difficult. So, Sagely has achieved a remarkable feat by manufacturing such a natural product, infused with the goodness of CBD.

The added advantage is that the CBD products offered by this company are in the price range of $20 and going up to $50, which is very affordable. The product range includes headache roll on, sprays infused with essential oils and creams. They also have CBD capsules, which is the only non-topical product in their store.

In their “About” section, the company repeats its dedication to manufacturing dependably clean products that are non-toxic and promise to uphold the quality for which they are now known.

The company is located in Santa Monica, California. It was founded in 2015 by Kerrigan Behrens and Kaley Nichol and is an old reputed name in the CBD industry.

Sagely Natural CBD

Highlights of Sagely Naturals

The most impressive thing about this company is its dedication to using only quality and natural ingredients. Their products are non-toxic and chemic free. The company has a firm belief in the medicinal quality of plants, and all their products are plant-based. Given below are the highlights of the company: –

Lab Tested Thrice – Sagely Naturals takes pride in its quality and consistency. This is why all their products are lab tested thrice. They are manufactured in facilities which are GMP certified. They require consistent and conservative operating procedures.

Sourcing – The company sources CBD only from non-GMO hemp, and it is also organic. The hemp is grown organically and extracted using advanced technology.

Website – The website is user-friendly and quite sleek. It is easy to navigate and categorized. You can easily find what you are looking for. It also has a helpful section called “CBD 101” where you get all information related to CBD.

Free Shipping – The company offers a flat shipping rate of $3 if your order price is up to $36 and free shipping for orders more than $36. With this offer, you can order multiple products and save on shipping costs.

Cruelty-Free – The products are not tested on animals, and this makes the company stand out in this industry. Their products are chemical-free and vegan.

Products by Sagely Naturals

The products are manufactured using organic ingredients, such as Ashwagandha, Lavender and Turmeric, which only enhance the goodness of CBD. The products are all tested for THC levels.

Given below are the products offered by Sagely Naturals: –

The company offers 4 categories of products. They are given below:

Relief and Recovery

Sagely Natural CBD Capsules

NameUseIngredientsQuantity & StrengthFlavorsPrice
Relief & Recovery CapsulesOral dietary supplementBroad Spectrum, CBD, turmeric, black pepper30 capsules with 10 mg CBD strength per capsuleNA$49.99
Relief & Recovery CreamTopical applicationBroad spectrum CBD, Peppermint and menthol essential oil4 oz bottle with CBD strength of 50 mg

2 oz botltle with CBD strength of 50 mg per bottle





Relief & Recovery SprayTopical sprayBroad spectrum CBD, Peppermint, menthol, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils60 ml bottle with CBD strength of 50 mg per bottleNA$27.99
Relief & Recovery Roll onTopical ApplicationBroad spectrum CBD, Peppermint, menthol, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils10 ml bottle with CBD strength of 50 mg per bottleNA$29.99
Extra Strength Relief & Recovery Capsules


Oral dietary supplementBroad Spectrum, CBD, turmeric, black pepper30 capsules with 20 mg CBD strength per capsuleNA$74.99
Extra Strength Relief & Recovery CreamTopical applicationBroad spectrum CBD, Peppermint and menthol essential oil4 oz bottle with CBD strength of 250 mg


Relief & Recovery Bundle


Relief & recovery cream and Relief & Recovery Capsule

CBD Essential Oil Roll-On Gift Set

Set of 2.

Topical applicationStrength of CBD 50 mg per roll onNANA$49.99

Calm & Centered

Sagely Natural CBD Calm & Centered

NameUseIngredientsQuantity & StrengthFlavorsPrice
Calm & Centered Capsules


Dietary supplementBroad Spectrum CBD, Bark of Magnolia, Ashwagandha, L-Theanine30 capsules with CBD Strength of 10 mg per capsuleNA$49.99
Calm & Centered CreamTopical applicationBroad Spectrum CBD, essential oils of bergamot, Chamomile, and lavender4 oz bottle with CBD strength of 50 mgNA$35.99
Calm & Centered Roll-OnRoll onBroad Spectrum CBD, lavender and Chamomile essential oils50 mg CBD with every roll onNA$29.99

Drift and Dream

Sagely Natural CBD drift

NameUseIngredientsQuantity & StrengthFlavorsPrice
Drift & Dream Body OilTopical application at bedtimeBroad Spectrum CBD100 ml bottle with CBD strength 100 mg per bottleNA$39.99
Drift & Dream Capsules


Dietary supplementbroad spectrum CBD. GABA, V and Melatonin30 capsules per bottle with CBD strength of 10 mg per capsuleNA$49.99
Drift & Dream Roll-OnRoll onBroad spectrum CBD, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Geranium and rose essential oils50 mg in a bottleNA$29.99
CBD Essential Oil Roll-On Gift SetEssential Oil Roll onBroad Spectrum CBD50 mg in a bottleNA$49.99

Brightening Skin Care

Sagely Natural CBD

NameUseIngredientsQuantity & StrengthFlavorsPrice
Brightening CBD Eye CreamTopical applicationBroad spectrum CBD, Squalane, Rosehip oil, Meadowforam Seed oil and Madonna Lily ExtractCBD strength of 150 mgNA$49
Brightening CBD Face SerumTopical applicationBroad spectrum CBD, meadowfoam Seed oil, squalene, Bakuchiol Seed oil250 mg of CBDNA$89
Brightening CBD Night CreamTopical ApplicationHyaluronic acid, Bakuchiol Seed Oil, Camu Camu, Tocotrienols and Meadowfoam Seed OilCBD Strength of 150 mgNA$64

Advantages of Sagely Naturals Products

Sagely Naturals has two main categories. Their advantages are given against their names below: –

Relief & Recovery – This product helps with inflammation, especially inflammation caused due to exercising and pain. The category has capsules, cream, a headache oil and a spray, all of which are very effective.

Calm & Centered – This is the second main category, the products of which have calming and soothing properties. The category includes a roll on for stress relief, capsules and a cream.


The company has only plant-based products, which is a big point in its favor. Also, the products are cruelty-free. The products are also high quality, and they are reasonably priced.

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