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When it comes to our pooches, we are always careful. We love them like no another. They are our best friends and mates.

You will rarely find a person who has a pet dog and does not agree that they are a part of the family – an integral part of the family. Everyone, most pet owners, keep their furry babies healthy.

CBD, which is gaining popularity for human beings as a treatment for common day-to-day ailments, works for pets too. In fact, a large number of pet parents have started using CBD as a treatment for their pets.

About King Kanine

King Kanine is another venture by King Komb. The company was founded in 2015 by Jeff Riman and the first product sold by the company was King Komb, a de-shedding tool for dogs. The company started developing CBD products for pets in 2016, and King Kanine was natural progress from there. The company is committed to quality and is known for its excellent products.

King Kanine loves animals, and their motto is to promote pet wellness by offering” the highest quality organic CBD products for pets available in the market”.

They also commit to educate pet owners and keep them informed about the various resources available that can keep their pets healthy and happy.

The website of the company has informative blog posts for pet owners so that they are kept informed about the various new products available for pets in the market. Pet owners can also know more about CBD for animals.

King Kanine has a long list of products for pets apart from their high-quality CBD products. If you have any pets, then you should check out the products listed on their site.

The company’s CBD products for pets, also known as King Kalm, are manufactured using broad-spectrum, organic CBD which is derived from the best sources.

They don’t have too many products but whatever products they have are the best quality.

King Kanine Products

King Kalm CBD Oil

King Kalm CBD Oil


This product is a blend of two ingredients as given below: –

  • Phytocannabinoid rich, broad-spectrum CBD oil; and
  • High Omega-3 Krill Oil

It is available in four different sizes of 75 mg, 150 mg, 300 mg and 600 mg.

King Kalm CBD is thoroughly tested in an ISO 17025 certified lab. The product is derived from non-GMO and organic hemp. The hemp is organically grown without using any pesticides. The company follows highest-degree standards of manufacturing which helps keep your pets safe.

The tincture is available in a brown coloured glass bottle which also has a syringe so that you can measure the proper dosage for your pet. The syringe is not for injecting the oil or tincture, but only to measure the correct dosage.

It is easy to squirt the oil directly into the mouth of your furry baby, but it’s an individual choice. You can also mix it with your pets treats or food and let them eat it.

The product contains less than 0.3% THC and is therefore, completely safe.

Does King Kalm CBD Work?

When you give King Kanine CBD to your pets, you can see visible changes in them in just 10 minutes. The product does not contain any psychoactive compounds so your pets won’t be stoned. There will just calm down and become mellow. They won’t be hyperactive as they are sometimes. In fact, some users have even observed that this product mellows the pets so much that they will even snuggle up to you.

Should You Use King Kalm CBD?

King Kanine CBD is definitely something you should use if your pets are hyperactive or noisy. It is also a good thing to use around big events if your pets are scared of the noise. The product is best used on occasions like the Fourth of July when there are a lot of fireworks. However, you should start using it much before the event as CBD takes a little time to take effect. It does not take effect immediately in some pets, and the result is similar to that in humans.

Another use of King Kanine CBD is that it can be given to your pet if they are in pain. The product will take the edge off the pain and help them relax. If you are planning to purchase this for your cat or dog, be sure to choose the right dosage which will be according to their weight. It would also be useful if you consult your vet before you actually start giving your cat or dog the CBD product.

King Kanine

What Are The Benefits Of King Kalm CBD For Pets?

It is worth keeping a bottle of King Kanine CBD handy since it has a lot of benefits. Given below are some ways in which King Kanine CBD can benefit your dog or cat: –

  • Anti-inflammatory– CBD is a proven anti-inflammatory for humans. However, did you know that it is also anti-inflammatory for cats and dogs?
  • Anti-depressant– The product has antidepressant and mood-lifting properties.
  • Anti-anxiety– King Kanine CBD can calm down anxious pets. In humans, it has proved to be an effective way to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder and more.
  • Anti-seizure– CBD can help people who have epilepsy. Studies prove that it can also help pets who suffer from the same problem.
  • Skin Treatment– CBD is very helpful in treating pets with that have skin conditions. According to a study conducted on animals, dogs having skin conditions were cured after they were given CBD oil.

King Kanine CBD has a wide range of health benefits. Cannabis is now legal in many countries, and as it gains a legal status, an increasing number of studies are being conducted to observe their effects on animals and humans.

Purchase And Price of King Kalm CBD

King Kalm CBD is available for purchase from the official website of the manufacturer.


The website has a dosage chart according to the weight of the pet. This dosage chart also varies according to the strength of the CBD.

King Kalm CBD Balm

King Kalm CBD Balm

King Kalm CBD is a moisturizer that has been manufactured to keep your pet’s snout and elbows hydrated and soft. If you have observed, your pets’ paws and elbows become dry. The dog’s balm has been specially formulated considering the weather’s effect on the skin.


It contains only natural ingredients and is therefore safe for your pet. Given below are the ingredients used in the formulation of King Kalm CBD Dog Paw Balm:-

  • CBD
  • Coconut oil
  • Manuka honey
  • Essential oils

The product does not contain any fillers, additives for harsh chemicals.

Why Should You Choose King Kalm CBD Dog Paw Balm?

King Kalm CBD Dog Paw Balm is a natural moisturizer that contains organic CBD extracted from hemp. It does not contain THC, the psycho active compound. The product has been manufactured in an ISO- 900001 certified FDA lab which is also GMP certified.

How To Use King Kalm CBD Dog Paw Balm

There is no specific dosage to use King Kalm CBD Dog Paw Balm. You need to check your pet’s dry skin and then apply it as and when it is needed.

King Kalm CBD Soothe

King Kalm CBD Soothe

King Kalm CBD Soothe is an anti-itch spray that has been specially formulated to soothe dry skin, hotspots and skin abrasions in your pet.


It contains the following natural ingredients:-

  • CBD oil
  • Aloe vera
  • Tea tree oil
  • Chamomile
  • Colloidal silver

How Should You Use King Kalm CBD Soothe?

You just need to spray the product on the affected area as and when it is needed.

How Does King Kalm CBD Soothe Help The Pet?

King Kalm CBD Soothe helps protect the skin against infections. It also helps reduce inflammation caused due to infections. When dogs and cats are unwell, they scratch and lick the affected area. King Kalm CBD Soothe has a soothing effect and therefore, spraying it on the affected area stops the licking and scratching.

Like King Kalm CBD Dog Paw Balm, every single batch of King Kalm CBD Soothe has undergone rigorous test conducted by third-party labs to ensure its purity safety and quality.

Purchase And Price

Both King Kalm CBD Dog Paw Balm and King Kalm CBD Soothe are available from the official website of the manufacturer.

Side Effects of King Kalm CBD

King Kanine CBD is a completely natural formulation and is, therefore, safe to use. It does not have any side effects if you give your pet a moderate dosage. However, to prevent any side effects, please purchase the oil or the CBD product only from the official website of the manufacturer to ensure that you are buying a genuine product.

If you are giving your pet any medicine for any medical ailment, please consult the veterinarian before you start using CBD products for your pet.

Customer Reviews

Cheri ~ I use the oil for my puppies, and it has made use difference on them. I used them during their training period, and it helped me a lot by calming them down and be more receptive to my commands. Also, the balm has helped keep their paws soft during the harsh winters. I use it only once a day, and it works well for me.

Maxwell ~ I have a 2-year-old pug, who is allergic to grass. Her paws were very rough, and the vet’s medication did not help too much. I started using King Kalm CBD Soothe for her paws and CBD oil for allergies. She is now a healthy 2 year old and enjoys walking on the grass. I know that the oil will be a good treatment for her, and so I let her have fun on the grass.

Pros of King Kalm CBD

Given below are the pros of using King Kalm CBD: –

  • Co2 extraction;
  • It contains a Phytocannabinoid rich, broad-spectrum CBD oil;
  • The product is tested for safety and quality in a third-party lab. The reports are available on request;
  • The product is a natural formulation and is therefore, completely safe to use;
  • King Kalm CBD does not contain pesticides, solvents, additives or any fillers;
  • Every CBD product manufactured by King Kanine has a dosage chart. Every bottle has an oral syringe to calculate the dosage.

Cons of King Kalm CBD

  • King Kalm CBD is available only on the official website of the manufacturer;
  • The product is expensive.


How Do You Know If Your Pet Needs CBD?
If your pet has allergies, pain, skin rashes and other common problems, then you can give them CBD.

Does CBD Interact With Medications?
If your pet is on any medication, it is best to consult the veterinarian before you start using CBD oil or any other CBD products for your pet.

Are CBD Products Effective On All Pets?
Yes. They are effective for both cats and dogs.

What Strength Of CBD Should I Choose For My Pet?
The strength of CBD depends on the problem for which you are buying the product. Please consult the sizing and strength chart available on the website of the manufacturer before you buy the CBD product.

How Do I Administer CBD Oil To My Pet?
You can calculate the dosage and squirt it into your pet’s mouth using the syringe, or you can add the oil to their food or treats so that the pet eats it.

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

King Kanine is a well-known and reputed brand that truly cares about the pets and has committed to manufacturing only good quality products. All the products are of high quality, but they are expensive. That seems to be the only drawback. However, if you visit the website, you will observe that they always have some event or the other – such as giveaways, discounts and contest – going on. You can visit their Instagram and Facebook page to participate and avail the discounts whenever they are available. You can participate in the contest and giveaways too.

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