How To Get More Clouds When Vaping


Regardless of where you live, as long as you are part of a community of vapers, getting more clouds will always be an issue for many of them. No, this isn’t a requirement for vaping. That being said, cloud chasers are a part of every vaping community.

For many, when they first begin vaping or make the switch from conventional cigarettes to vaping products, no one cares about blowing vape or making a cloud. It’s all about a new way of using nicotine and receiving a punch in the back of the throat, something that reminds many of smoking cigarettes. However, somewhere down the line, things slowly begin to change.


As more and more distance is created between smoking cigarettes and becoming more accustomed to the use of vaping products, producing bigger vape clouds becomes important to many vapers. Experiencing this doesn’t exactly qualify one for the term “cloud chaser.” It simply means a person is no longer impressed with the small little puff of vapor that comes with using a cigarette device or the simple pen shaper vapor.

This is especially true for those new to vaping who use it as a means of socializing. No, you don’t care about the size of the vape cloud, but you definitely don’t want it to be so obvious that you are new to vaping.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a class of vapers known as “cloud chasers.” Maybe you would like to take your cloud to extremes and fit into this category. Or, maybe, you simply want to increase your vape cloud, but you aren’t so fascinated with it that it needs to be a part of your identity. You just would like a bigger vape cloud.

Regardless of the category, you fit it, the rest of this article is full of some helpful information. Let’s start out with those vapers simply wanting to increase their vape cloud, without taking things to extremes.

Pg/VG E-Liquid

When someone vapes, they are inhaling propylene glycol, a substance that if you heat, will produce vapor. The basic e-liquids mix this substance with a flavor, or flavors, to create what vapors know as a “juice.” While this is common knowledge to those who use vaping products, many vapers who are more casual about vaping don’t realize propylene glycol, PG is combined in different amounts with vegetable glycerin, VG. The solution becomes more concentrated as the mixture is a higher percentage of VG.

By changing up the ratio of PG/VG a certain liquid contains, you can experience different effects with the liquid you are using in your vaping products. A higher percentage of VG allows you to blow thicker clouds because it creates a more concentrated solution. By using a higher percentage of PG in the solution, instead of increasing the thickness of the cloud, you enhance the flavor of the juice you’re vaping. While there is nothing wrong with experimenting with higher percentages of both, keep in mind, you need to consider how your mod, tanks, and coils are reacting to the different percentages of PG and VG in the liquids you are using.

Using the right vape tank

If you are wanting to increase your cloud while vaping, the tank you are using is important. Everyone knows the amount of liquid or juice your tank is able to hold will determine how long you can vape without refilling your liquid. But, many vapers don’t realize this also affects the size of their vape cloud.

You will be able to create bigger vape clouds with a tank that is able to hold more liquid. While you want to make sure the tank you decide to use will be able to handle your specific needs, you also need to make sure the tank is economical for you. Because of other attributes, you will want to keep in mind, a bigger tank doesn’t always mean better. That being said, with a larger tank, you will be able to go longer without having to refill your liquids and will have the ability to create a bigger and thicker vape cloud.

Plus, if you intend to vape below 10hm, known as sub-ohm vaping, you will want to make sure the tank you are using, regardless of the size, is glass. Because of the glass, these tanks can both handle a higher temperature of heat as well as the liquid compounds that are being vaporized. Not every plastic tank is able to do the same.

Using the correct batteries

If you vape, especially if you are someone who likes to produce a bigger vape cloud with longer drags, you are going to use up the batteries used to operate your vaporizer. If you plan on using a vaporizer with larger components such as a tank, the power of your batteries needs to be more intense than normal. Keep this in mind when you are purchasing batteries for your setup. Along with this, you will want a battery with more power if you intend on taking longer, more intense drags to produce a thicker cloud.

Use a mod created for creating more cloud

If you are a vaper who doesn’t want to make these modifications to your vape products on your own, it makes sense to purchase a mod that has already been made to create more clouds. This will save you both time and money compared to purchasing a vaporizer you will have to modify on your own.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, some mods are specifically made for cloud chasing. While this may not be how far you want to take things, it makes sense to use one of these mods if you are wanting to create more of a vape cloud. You can purchase these mods in a complete kit, including a specific charger, batteries, tank, and device.

Regardless if you are brand new to vaping or it is something you have been doing for a while, it makes sense to include one of these mods in your collection if more cloud is something you want. On top of creating a thicker cloud, these mods will also enhance your overall vaping experience. There are several ways to go about creating more clouds while vaping. Using a mod will bring a whole new level to your vaping experience.

Are you someone who wants to start clouds chasing?

Regardless of how big the vaping community is you are a part of, chances are, there’s someone in the group interested in blowing bigger clouds while vaping. They’re not interested in simply having a more intense drag. These are the vapers who want to push things to the limit. They want to be one of the many people known as cloud chaser.

What is meant by clouds chasing?

If you have been vaping for very long, you know the person who is constantly working on their atomizers and mods. They are always looking to either enhance their vaping experience or simply want to be blowing a thicker cloud. For these individuals, it’s no longer a simple activity or a hobby. To these vapers, the size of their cloud is a sport.

I don’t use the term “sport” as an exaggeration. There are actually competitions that are held where winners take home cash and other prizes for having the biggest and thickest clouds. This is where the term cloud chasers come from. These are the vapors who do more than use a vape product. They are part of a sport known as cloud-chasing.

What you need to know if you want to start cloud chasing

Now that we have told you exactly what a cloud chaser is and what they do, there are a few important things you need to know before making the decision to join a community of cloud chasers. If you don’t know the basics or exactly what it is you are doing, cloud chasing could be dangerous. These tips should be taken seriously to avoid some of the injuries involved with cloud chasing.

While a few of the topics have already been touched on, because there is a difference between simply wanting a bigger cloud while vaping and chasing clouds, they will be touched on in more detail here.

Battery safety

We’ve already mentioned that looking to create a bigger cloud leads to using more battery power. That being said, you need to know to misuse your batteries can be harmful. A battery has the potential of catching fire or even exploding when not used properly. One of the most important things you need to hear concerns charging your batteries.

For starters, make sure the charger you are using either came with your mod or at least that the charger has been branded. Secondly, make sure you are never overcharging your batteries. Maybe even more important, never leave your mod unattended while it is charging.


It can be tricky to get the airflow just right when cloud chasing is the goal. There’s always the risk of a mod exploding if not enough air is able to escape. Also, if there is too much air, there’s a good chance of your vape cloud thinning out. If cloud chasing is your goal, you not only want a huge cloud, but you also want them to be dense. Because of this, getting just the right airflow without your mod overheating is a difficult task.


Earlier in the article, we talked about the role of both VG and PG in the liquid you are using in your vape products. There’s a percentage of both in the solution. Depending on what you are looking for determines which percentage should be higher in your liquid. If the taste and smoothness of your liquid are what you want, you are looking for a higher PG ratio.

But, we’re not wanting to enter a taste contest. We want to chase clouds. Because of this, we want a higher VG ratio to our solution. That being said, if you are still looking to enjoy the taste of the liquid you are vaping, a great ratio to use is 70/30 VG to Pg. If you were ever to enter a cloud chasing competition, yes, you want a solution that is 100 percent VG. With the 70/30 ratio, you will have an awesome cloud, a great throat hit, and a great tasting flavor.


If cloud chasing is a competition for you, regardless if there is a prize involved or simply bragging rights with your friends, a rebuildable drip atomizer, RDA, is a must. With an RDA, you will need to build your own coils you will attach to the tank using a screwdriver. These RDAs are also referred to as “drippers,” because you have to manually drip the juice you are using directly on to your coil every few pulls from your vaporizer. While this isn’t ideal for an average or everyday vaper, everyone will be impressed with the cloud production of a dripper.

Hoe you inhale and exhale

For cloud chasers, there’s more to it than simply purchasing modified equipment and significant knowledge of ohm law. Also, you will need plenty of practice with the technique you use for both inhaling and exhaling. Your cloud will thin out if you are exhaling too quickly. By exhaling a little slower, you will have a large, dense vape cloud.

Dangers involved with cloud chasing

We don’t want to give the wrong idea here. No, cloud chasing as an activity is not dangerous. However, if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, things can end badly. You need to understand the safety limits of the battery you are using.

With cloud chasing, you will want to use low resistance coils. You need to make sure the batteries you are using will be a good match with this. Also, You need to know how large your air holes should be and how often you need to be changing batteries. You will be pushing these batteries to their limits while cloud chasing. The batteries can and will explode if they are not being changed correctly or you don’t know which batteries you should be using.

If you are brand new to vaping or have only been doing it for a short period of time, cloud chasing may not be something you need to be doing. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a thicker vape cloud. That being said, don’t try pushing things to the limit. Do your homework here and make sure you are using the right mod and equipment for what you want to do.