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The wellness industry has gone through a revolutionary phase in the last couple of years and it is all due to CBD, also known as cannabidiol. CBD is the best thing today for a lot of things – right from improving sleep to managing stress and increasing productivity. Finally, it seems that the world has something natural to promote wellness and something that actually works, instead of being just a hype!

But what is it that makes CBD a miracle supplement?

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

The cannabis plant is complex and has several compounds, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), both of which have opposite properties. THC is psychoactive and gives you a high as opposed to CBD, which is non-psychoactive and has therapeutic benefits.

Further, the discovery of these compounds led to the discovery of the ECS, a neurotransmitter system in the human body, present throughout the body and the brain and is responsible for numerous important functions. The ECS has 3 parts – Enzymes, Cannabinoid receptors, and Endocannabinoids. When the body loses its internal balance and is not able to function optimally, the ECS initiates homeostasis using the cannabinoid receptors and regulates functions like memory, sleep, digestion and more.

When you use a CBD supplement, the CBD in the supplement stimulates the body’s natural ECS and aids in decreasing pain, improving memory and provides other health benefits.


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The company, FOCL, came into existence in 2019. FOCL has made it its mission to deliver high-quality CBD products. It has set up certain standards and in its effort to give only high-quality CBD products, the company uses organic practices. The hemp crops are hand-selected for harvest and the CBD products are made in FDA-approved, GMP compliant facilities. The products are third-party lab tested and go through a stringent process to obtain high-level certification.

The company owns a farm that is 120 acres. It has offices in Denver and Los Angeles. Its products include FOCL Day Capsules, FOCL Drops (available in 2 sizes and 3 flavors), and FOCL Night Capsules.

Why Should You Use FOCL CBD

FOCL CBD has gone the extra mile to give users natural, high-quality products. It understands that it is important to know what is going inside your body and the effect it will have. Therefore, FOCL ensures that the CBD that you are using is extracted from high-quality hemp plants. The hemp CBD extract is enhanced with botanicals and adaptogens that, in turn, raise the benefits of the formula.

Most CBD companies do not grow their own hemp plants. They just source it. But FOCL is determined that nothing but the best will be manufactured in its facilities and has chosen a difficult path. This path, though difficult, is fulfilling. You know exactly what your source of CBD is, where and how the hemp plants are grown and how the CBD is extracted! In addition, FOCL also collaborates with hemp growers in Kentucky, New Mexico, and Colorado – all with family-owned hemp farms

The CBD extracted is super clean with absolutely no traces of pesticides or herbicides, vegan, gluten-free, produced in a facility approved by the FDA, and in a GMP food-grade facility. They offer some THC Free products.

FOCL is Tru-ID certified. This means that the ingredients that are on the label are exactly the same in the product.

FOCL CBD Products

FOCL CBD offers the following products:

FOCL Drops

focl cbd review

FOCL Drops is actually a premium quality CBD tincture or oil that delivers focus and calm without any bitterness. It supports the body’s ECS, thereby enabling you to relax or perform easily and efficiently.

It is available in different flavors and sizes.


FOCL Drops are available in 3 delicious flavors – Fresh Mint, Cherry on Top and Orange Cream Swirl – and in sizes of 300 mg and 1000 mg.

  • Fresh Mint – This CBD Oil has a minty profile that is like a breath of fresh air.
  • Cherry on Top – This is a fruity flavor that adds brightness to your day.
  • Orange Cream Swirl – Go back to the good old summer days when summer meant oranges and cream.

FOCL’s tagline for their drops is “Calm & Cool.” And they go on to give specific examples of when you need to be calm and maintain your cool. Whether it is your boss texting you, or the significant person or you are unable to calm your mind enough to drift off to sleep or when you need to be the best! FOCL premium CBD drops will give you the power to get through all these situations calmly. If you are calm, you can think clearly and won’t fumble.

Benefits of FOCL Drops

  • Does not give you a high
  • Helps rest at night
  • Third-party tested with each batch verified
  • Non-GMO, Vegan
  • Comes with a dropper that is clearly marked


The premium formula contains the following ingredients:

MCT Oil – FOCL Hemp CBD Oil contains MCT oil. This is extracted from baby coconuts. It is a carrier oil that improves the potency of CBD Oil and also helps in the absorption of the product. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides.

Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD – Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and does not get you high. FOCL Premium CBD drops contain hemp-derived CBD, so no high here.

Organic Stevia

Natural Flavoring


Each bottle comes with a dropper that can hold 10mg of the CBD Oil. It is to be taken sublingually. So, take a dropperful of the oil and place it beneath your tongue. Leave it for 45 seconds, and then swallow it.

This is a single dose, and you need to use it the same way twice a day when you wake up and at snooze time. So your morning dose prepares you for a focussed day ahead, and the night dose helps you sleep well.

Price of FOCL CBD Drops

The 300 mg bottle is available for $35 if it is a one-time purchase, along with free shipping within the USA. You can also opt to subscribe and get a discount of 10%, i.e., pay just $28 per month.


focl day

This is the FOCL Daytime Formula. When your day starts with this capsule, you turn into a focussed machine, ticking off the items on your to-do list with speed and accuracy.

Benefits of FOCL Day Capsules

  • Improves concentration
  • Enhances mental clarity
  • Helps you prepare yourself for the day ahead
  • Helps you balance and to focus


FOCL Day Capsules contain the following ingredients:

  • Premium CBD – This CBD is obtained from hemp farms in the USA that use organic practices and are family-owned. Knowing where the CBD is coming from helps the company exploit the full potential of the ingredient and ensure that the people using this get complete benefits.
  • Rhodiola Rosea – This adaptogen, which helps the body resist stress, and the accompanying fatigue and anxiety, is grown at high altitudes. It also enhances concentration and mental acuity.
  • Lion’s Mane – Another adaptogen, this is a medicinal mushroom that gives your cognitive performance a boost. It is also helpful in improving mental health and in the reduction of brain fog.
  • L-Theanine – This well-known brain-friendly amino acid improves cognitive performance, focus, and speeds up your learning ability.
  • Vitamin B-6 – The human body requires Vitamin B-6 for memory, focus, and mood regulation, but it is unable to produce this vitamin naturally. Therefore, you each food rich in this vitamin and take supplements.
  • Bacopa Monnieri – Commonly known as Brahmi in Ayurveda, this ingredient helps improve concentration, attention, and memory. This ingredient, which is rich in antioxidants, protects the body from the damage caused by free radicals.


FOCL Day capsules should be taken every day. Take 2 capsules in the morning for the best results.

Price of FOCL Day Capsules

The price of a single bottle of FOCL Day is $55 for a one-time purchase. If you opt to subscribe, you save 10% and pay just $49 per month. You have the option of canceling anytime that you wish to discontinue.

FOCL Night

FOCL Night

FOCL Night is the snooze-time CBD capsule that combines the qualities of CBD, botanicals, and adaptogens to help your body get optimal rest.

Benefits of FOCL Night

  • Calms down the mind and body
  • Relaxes the body and mind
  • Helps fall asleep and prevent disturbed sleep
  • Helps wake up refreshed


Here are the ingredients of FOCL Night Capsules:

  • Premium CBD – The CBD used in the Night capsules is extracted U.S. grown using organic practices.
  • Valerian Root – Valerian root is an ancient herb. It has calming effects, and the compounds in this ingredient promote sleep and reduce stress.
  • Hops Flower – This herb has been in use since the 9th century when it was used in combination with valerian root. The herb improves sleep cycles and promotes better sleep.
  • Ashwagandha – This herb, which is an adaptogen, is used in ayurvedic medicine for boosting brain health, to promote a calm body and mind, manage stress, and maintain body balance.
  • Purple Passion Flower – This ingredient boosts GABA and promotes sleep and relaxation. It also reduces insomnia and mild anxiety.
  • Griffonia Simplicifolica (5-HTP) – This powerhouse of amino acid helps increase the production of serotonin and natural melatonin, both of which are necessary for a good sleep and a healthy mind.


The manufacturer recommends taking 2 tablets at bedtime to wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Price of FOCL Night

If you are ordering just once, then you will be paying $55 for a single bottle. If you wish to opt for a subscription, you pay $49 per month and will save 10% of the cost.

FOCL Bundle

FOCL Bundle is a package in which the manufacturer offers the FOCL Day and FOCL Night package for $99 for a one-time purchase and $89 per month if you subscribe.

Money-Back & Refund Policy

The product can only be purchased from, which is the official company website. You also get a 60-day money-back guarantee, under which you can claim a refund if the product is not to your liking. Please visit the website and check the terms & conditions for more details.

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How is CBD Oil different from CBD Capsules?

Capsules need digestion, whereas the oil is taken sublingually and is absorbed. As a result, the oil reaches the bloodstream quickly, giving quick effects in less than an hour.

Can FOCL Drops be combined with FOCL Day and FOCL Night?

Yes. FOCL Drops can be used in combination with FOCL Day and FOCL Night according to your needs.

How soon are the results visible after using FOCL supplements?

Everyone’s body will have a different way of responding to FOCL CBD supplements. While one person may notice an improvement immediately, another will see a gradual change over a period of time.

Pros of FOCL CBD

  • Relaxes the body
  • Calms the mind
  • Help fall asleep
  • Improves concentration
  • Enhances mental clarity
  • Improves focus and promotes balance
  • Products manufactured without using herbicides or pesticides
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Manufactured in GMP food grade and FDA approved plants
  • Tru-ID certified
  • Offers some THC Free products
  • Third-party lab tested for dosing and purity
  • CO2 method of extraction

Cons of FOCL CBD

Customer Testimonials

focl cbd reviews

My Personal Trainer recommended that I start using FOCL Drops for my shoulder injury. It has reduced the inflammation and helps me sleep better at night. ~ Daryl


FOCL products are free of any chemicals and fillers. The drops are available in two strengths of 300 mg and 1000 mg that you can purchase according to your needs. The Day and Night capsules are meant to keep you alert and focussed during the day and relax, let go and sleep well during the night.

Live life the way it was meant to be with FOCL CBD.

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