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Elixinol is an organization that produces Hemp and Cbd products. It is a company with a high sense of ethics and charity. They believe in not only taking from mother nature , but also from giving back to her.

They believe in 7 ideals that are their backbone:-

  1. Clear Vision – The organisation has a direct agenda of following the best of methods and to upgrade the quality of life of their customers and employees alike.
  2. Commitment to excellence – The company believes in the complete well balanced state of body and this same value is shared among the employees at elixinol. It aims to create leaders of the highest quality.
  3. Superior Product Sourcing – The company deals with everything from the growing of the hemp plant to the extraction of the needed materials and also the branding and distribution of it. They believe in the highest of quality and hence cover everything from grassroot levels.
  4. Expert Product Development – With the use of the highest quality of processes to test and research about the products, there is no rush in between processes. Everything is strategically and systematically handled to perfection.
  5. Solid Channel Partners – For any organisation its strength is in numbers. It provides world class training to its partners so that they can carry the beacon and help people reach their true potential. Quality check of the highest standards is followed throughout.
  6. World-Class Customer Experience – By ensuring the best experience for every single person , the organisation holds high the aim to keep the quality of their work at the pinnacle.
  7. Giving back – The company believes in a fair exchange. There is such an exchange of the profits towards identified charity organizations and customer related services.

Founded by a group of collective of beautiful individuals, Elixinol has grown to be one of the largest producers of cbd and hemp amenities.

Further details for contact and queries are available on their official site.


With the best cultivators of cannabis in their arsenal and by ensuring the most organic ways of plant growing, manufacturing cbd and hemp products is done by State-of-the art facilities.

Ensuring the purity of products are also very important.


CBD Capsules

Elixinol capsules

These capsules are filled with non-GMO Cbd which is extracted by a Super-critical carbon-di-oxide filtration process.

This cbd is not touched by any form of chemicals. Pure Full-spectrum hemp oil.

This Full-spectrum hemp oil extract is full of terpenes and other compounds which are very beneficial for the human body.

These capsules are produced from the best quality hemp oil extracted from specially taken care of plants with a very high amount of CBD content. With the use of a super-critical Co2 extraction process , the cbd is 100% pure and is untainted by chemicals . They have no smell.

CBD is one special compound that reacts with the ECS also known as the Endocannabinoid system in your body. What the ECS does is it regulates and controls a lot of systems in the human body. Pain, immune response, sleeping, and the mood of the person is what the ECS controls. When you’re ECS is imbalance, you start showing signs of stress, fatigue, and no hunger. CBD is the savior here. These cannabinoids affect the ECS and help in its better regulation. The person’s mood becomes better and there is a gradual build-up in the person’s metabolism. It also helps in the curbing of chronic pain.

They help in the individuals all in all well-being.

This capsule contains non-GMO CBD. it is 100% natural hemp oil.

The other components in this are water , alkalenes, amino acids , sugars, ketones, alcohols, aldehydes, vitamins and glycosides. Also present are MCT Oil which is obtained from coconut oil and vegetable cellulose. 

One to two capsules is considered an optimum amount to be consumed per day.

These pills should only be consumed after a consultation with the physician.

This capsule has been strenuously tested to its extents and is considered super safe.

Lactating and expecting mothers should pay a visit to the physician to get a clear picture of the effects of CBD. 

Available in two dosages 15 mg and 45 mg.

15mg – 30 capsules -$44.99.

45mg – 30 capsules – $99.00.

CBD Tinctures

Elixinol tinctures

The use of the Co2 filtration process helps in the production of one of the best quality CBD ever. There are no chemicals in this and it is perfect for vaping.

Full and organic hemp oil in a mix of MCT coconut oil. Placed carefully in a dropper bottle for your convenience and consumption.

With the same process of production as of the CBD capsules , the organization claims it to be of the highest of quality. It has all types of terpenoids, essential oils and cannabinoids from the original plant.

Available in the flavour of cinnamint and its natural taste, the best serving is half a dropper , that is 0.5 ml , twice a day. With this action there is a spread of cannabinoids and nutrients for your benefit.

This is not meant to cure or completely mitigate any sort of disease.

Long amounts of testing has declared this product safe to use. Lactating and expectant mothers are to consult a doctor before consumption.

300 mg Dropper Bottle – $29.99.

3600mg – $249.99.


Elixinol liposomes

They are quick dissolving and fast extractable compound that makes the suction into the body very quick.

These liposomes help the fast absorption of the CBD into the system. The cannabinoids take action very fast .

The absorption of the CBD is very tough. The nano-dispersion technology and the naturally present phospholipids helps in the quick absorption of the product into the cells of the person’s body. This hence increases the speed of the action of CBD in your body.

CBD , Steviol Glyosides , potassium sorbate, MCT oil, xanthan gum, , natural fruit extracts (lemon or orange) lecithin, glycerin and arabic gum.

5 pumps of the liquid contains 5 mg of CBD.All the cbd products are tested and approved. Lactating and expectant mothers are to consult a doctor before consumption.

Price is – 300mg – 200 servings – $59.99.

Hemp Balms

Elixinol balm

This CBD skin balm is very gentle on the skin and rejuvenates the skin follicles. They help in containing the skin moisture and is very much successful.

Made from 100% natural hemp. A layer of care for the skin.it has no chemicals whatsoever and has a very nice smell to it. Suits all skin types alike.

It makes the skin feel and look like its re-born. There is a natural flush that comes onto the skin after the use of this moisturiser. Heat or cold or whatever the climate might be, this moisturiser is Superman for the skin. Much much better than your normal corner store moisturiser filled with chemicals.

Made out of 100% natural hemp , this moisturiser is the best of its kind.

And since its natural and 100% organic, there are absolutely no amounts of chemicals added in it .

It’s made from the pure hemp extract taken from the cannabis plant. 

100% hemp extract, lemon peel essential , andiroba oil, candelilla wax, virgin Ucuuba butter , copaiba oil, blue malle, eucalyptus oil , nerolidol , wintergreen essential oil .

The balm is to be applied to external layer of the skin only. Do not rub on cut or irritated skin.

Take a Dollop of the cream and massage well.

Dermatollogically tested , this product is safe and genuinely good for the skin.

Since its 100% organic and natural, the nerve endings in your skin are safe.

Pricing is as follows

Regular – 125mg – $29.99.

Extra strength – 250 mg – 59.99.

CBD Powders

Elixinol cbd water powder

These powdered form of cbd can be easily consumed as a smoothie or dissolved in water gives you the needed result.

It is segregated according to when you want to use it .

Create , build and dream are the three varieties available.

Create and build provide you with energy instead of a coffee before work or as a pre workout supplement which is 100% natural. Dream is more like a before sleep thing which provides you with flawless sleep. There is less stress and anxiety.

A sports person or a busy business enthusiast, these are perfect for you on the go and even to get going. There are three different terpene profiles as said.

Made out of natural CBD and uses the Micro-encapsule technology for better and faster absorption.

Create is berry flavoured.

Build has citrus taste.

Dream has more of the soothing cocoa taste.

With the help of OLEO technology , they bind the CBD with the help of natural carbohydrates and hence cutting the cannabidiol into smaller size molecules. This results in a powder that has a very high rate of absorption . 

CBD , organic cane sugar , hibiscus, citric acid , monk fruit powder , natural flavors, MCT Oil , Tapioca Maltodextrin .

Also has coconut as an active ingredient.

1 sachet of coconut in 8 ounces of water is optimal mixing for the

Calorie details :- 30 calories (7g carbs + 7g sugars +CBD 10mg).

 Variety Pack – $44.99.

Citrus Flavor- $59.99.

Cocoa Flavor-$59.99.

Respira Tinctures

Elixinol respira hemp cbd vape

Obtained from 100% hemp , its an organic compound that has a high does of CBD in it and has absolutely no harmful chemicals in it. Respira hemp oil is 100% vegan. You can add it to whatever food you consume or add it to your vape or directly put it under your tongue. Plus you don’t have to worry about the fact of getting high. There are no traces of THC in oil. Its pure 100% CBD.

It’s available in natural and grape mint flavours.

A 15 ml bottle of Respira has over 300 mg of CBD.

It contains 100% natural hemp CBD and also natural and grape mint flavor.There are no harmful components in this whereas you find things like the PG and PEG in other products.

A few drops in the food or below your tongue would help you and will take effect within a few minutes.

Women who are lactating and those who are pregnant should take proper advice from medical personnel before consumption.

This is a 100% hemp product which makes it easy to use and also very safe since the contents are all natural.

For a tincture size of 300 mg it is $39.99 and 600mg it is $74.99.

X-Pen 1000mg CBD hemp Extract

Elixinol applicators

A unique product only available with Elixinol, this CBD oil-pen is very exclusive.

You are just a click away from your daily dose of CBD. A few qualities are – 15mg a click, hermetic cartridge that keeps the CBD away from bacteria , simple lock and twist storage, removable washable tip and a shield against sunlight. It’s very easy to carry around. The pen holds 1000mg of CBD and thats 66 servings of CBD. The dosage recommended is three servings a day or less as decided by your doctor. Price is for a 1000mg pen is $129.99 .

CBD Lip Balm

Elixinol cbd lip balm

Nerolidol in the lip balm helps in keeping the lips alive and the moisture very much intact.

This doesn’t have much of a taste to it. All the on-coming effects of sunlight air and other pollutants present are taken care of. Vitamin e and omega oils in the balm help the skin to feel better. It has 100% full CBD. also the fact that hemp is the only plant with vitamin-D as a source. The skin is a great medium for the CBD to be ingested.

The ingredients in the lip balm are – CBD , olive oil , coconut extracts, shea butter, palm oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, candelilla wax, and rosehip oil.

The price of a small tube of the balm is $7.99. There are no issues with the use of this balm since it is a 100% natural.

CBD Dog Treats (Soft chew)

Elixinol cbd for dog treats-soft chew

These edible dog treats help the dog to curb pain or inflammation. Dogs have been found to have an ECS ( Endocannabinoid system) too. Since there are no harmful chemicals in this , your sweetheart will not have any bad side effects because of its consumption.

Also it won’t get your dog high. It is non-GMO and very much researched and made exclusively for dogs. The samples have been sent over to various other laboratories for its testing and then thereby has proven its safety for dogs. Its is 100% organic and natural.

Its best to feed these treats to your dogs in between their meals to increase the effect and for maximum absorption into the dogs body.

Dosages are according to weight:-

25-50 lbs – 1 chew per day

51-75 lbs – 2 chews per day

76-100 lbs – 3 chews per day

101-150 lbs – 4 to 5 chews per day

The ingredients are CBD , turmeric, cinnamon , apple sauce, honey, organic coconut oil, vitamin-E mixed Tocopherols, organic pea flour.

There is a difference in the breed size dosage and price according to breeds. 2mg -$10.99 for small breeds and 5mg – $35.99 for large breeds.

More quantity related details are available on the website.

CBD Dog Treats (Crunchy)

Elixinol cbd dog treats crunchy

Made from pure and natural CBD, these dog treats are a delight for your dogs. These enhance the dogs ECS and helps it to regulate its pain or other inflammatory related issues.

These have been specially made for canines and made from human grade food. It is also subject to availability since it is made in small batches. What CBD does is even if the dog is not having any issues, it keeps it active and healthy. It has been well tested for chemical contamination and for any other harmful substances. It has been created out of 100% natural and organic substances. Ingredients are Vitamin-c , Peanut butter, agar, water , organic hemp oil, coconut oil, seaweed and blueberries.

Dosage is different at different breed types. 1.5mg per treat for regular breed and 3mg per treat for large breed.

It comes in two flavors , peanut butter and banana and blueberry cranberry.

Further dosage details are as follows:-

1-25 lbs – 2 chews per day.

26-50 lbs – 3 chews per day.

51-75 lbs – 5 chews per day.

76-100 lbs – 8 chews per day.

Prices are as follows:-

Standard – 1.5mg treat – $9.99.

Large – 3mg treat – $34.99.

Hemp Lip Balm

Elixinol hemp lip balm

The creation of this lip balm is from utmost care and love. This has been made without cruelty and is from the best hemp seeds. It has a very fresh vanilla scent to it and is very much appropriate for all skin types. It is deep penetrating and replenishing. It is very soothing and soft on the lips. It doesn’t irritate the skin at all. It is made with 100% organic ingredients and is completely free of chemicals. The ingredients include – Oryza Sativa (Rice Bran) Oil, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Beeswax , Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Phenethyl Alcohol, Caprylyl Glycol, Glycerin*, Xylitol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Vanilla Angustifolia Extract.

The price is $8.99 for a 25 ml container.

Hemp Deodorant

Elixinol hemp deodorant

Made from the best quality hemp, this is of your average deodorant. It does not contain any traces of aluminium like other deodorants. It is made of very skin friendly and non-toxic materials. Skin sensitivity would not be an issue because of the fact that it is made for the most sensitive of skins. The materials used in this is a collaboration from all over the world. It is cruelty free and made of a base from aloe-vera. It is 100% vegan in nature. It is mixed with different oils to enhance the experience and is suitable for all types of skin . There are two types for this. Spirit and Bliss. It has antibacterial properties and leaves the person feeling very fresh.

It is in the form of a roll-on and if it gets stuck , loosen it up with hot water.


Ingredients contained are:-

Aloe Vera , Bergamot*, Lime*, Cinnamon Leaf*, Cove*), Finger Lime, sodium Bicarbonate, Non-GMO Xanthan Gum, Hemp Seed Oil*, Copaiba Oil*, Esential Oils (Frankincense, Vanilla ,Cellular Extract*


Ingredients contained are :-

Aloe Vera*, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Patchouli, Sodium Bicarbonate, Non-GMO Xanthan Gum, Hemp Seed Oil, Copaiba Oil, Finger Lime Cellular Extract, Essential Oils, Vanilla.

It is very soft on the skin and is very safe to use . the smell stays for a long duration and is very mild.

Price of this deodorant is – $10.99 for both scents.

Hemp Hand Cream

Elixinol hemp hand cream

Made from the best of CBD, this hand cream is a very good alternative for chemical filled new generation hand cream. Made from a plant , this hand cream is devoid of all the chemicals. It is very good for the skin and leaves an everlasting freshness to your beautiful hands. Made from hemp seed oil , it has an Aloe base to it. Its flexibility for all skin types make it a crowd favourite and a happy product. Rosehip , kakadu plum and copaiba makes it even more luxurious and good experience for the person to use. This comes in a 40 ml container and the price of it is $14.99.Other ingredients contain , Rosehip Extract, Lavender Essential Oil, Radish Root Ferment, Sclerotium Gum, Copaiba Oil, Finger Lime, Gotu Kola, Green Tea, Lemon Myrtle), Guayusa, natural and vegan hemp hand cream. Elderberry Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Fulvic Minerals, Kakadu Plum,Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, RO Water, Glycerin, Non-GMO Lecithin, Hemp Seed Oil.

Hemp Moisturiser

Elixinol hemp moisturiser

 The Sativa hemp moisturiser helps in the retention of the skin moisture by creating a very good coating of moisture around it . It uses natural formula to protect and make the skin feel good. Made from organic hemp seeds , this product is skin friendly and is free of all synthetic and chemical fragrances. It is suitable for all skin types and is certified Australian organic. It has a fast absorption rate. The oils in the moisturiser protect and heal the skin.

Application of this moisturiser should be to clean and dry skin. It is extremely skin friendly and pleasant to use. It is made without cruelty and is carbon neutral. The hemp oils help in keeping the skin radiant and always feeling full for a long period of time

The base of the product is aloe vera. The size of container is 50 ml and its main ingredients are – Aloe Vera ,Rosemary CO2 Extract, Fulvic Minerals, Hemp Seed Oil*, Shea Butter, Lavender Essential Oil, Radish Root Ferment, Olive Leaf Extract*, Non-GMO Xanthan Gum, Gotu Kola Extract, Cellular Extracts (Kakadu Plum, Finger Lime, Green Tea, Lemon Myrtle, Rosehip, Copaiba, Pracaxi Oil, Glycerin , Non-GMO Lecithin,Sclerotium Gum, Elderberry Extract, Guayusa.

Its price is $44.99 for 50ml .

Hemp Cleanser

Elixinol hemp cleanser

The hemp cleanser is such a product which provides a gentle and non-agitating experience for the user. There are no traces of alcohol or parabens in this component making it a very skin friendly component to rely on. It has a lot of nutrients in it which makes the skin happy. Made out of an aloe vera base , the skin feels refreshed and totally relaxed. All sorts of skin types are ok with this product and can be used as an ideal shaving or shower amenity.

All the ingredients in the hemp cleanser are vegan and are 100% natural and there is no animal cruelty involved in this . It revilatises dry skin and balances oily skin. Using it is easy , just lather on to the skin and massage. After the massage then rinse with a lot of water.

There is a lot of scrutinization when it comes to the product integrity. The product is Australian certified organic. The product soothes and takes care of the skin in such a way that it can be used day and night.

The ingredients are aloe vera , hemp seed oil, radish root ferment , elderberry, sapindus berry , geranium essential, witch hazel , copaiba and finger lime .

The price of the product for 125 ml is $23.99.

Hemp Serum

Elixinol hemp serum

This hemp serum is free of all chemicals. It is 100% vegan and is made from a process where there is no cruelty involved . It is suitable for all skin types. It includes ingredients from the Amazon and Australia. It’s packed with very luxurious materials and is formulated for the best of experiences. With beautiful scents of copaiba and neroli , it is a wonderful product. It protects and helps all skin types.

It is rich in Vitamin – C which penetrates the skin and refreshes it . The aloe lets the moisture in the skin stay for a longer duration of time. It is rich in minerals which are needed to take care of the dry skin and also regulate oily skin type. Infused with gotu kola , green tea and rosehip , it makes the experience of the user incredible and fruitful.

Application is direct to the skin. The product is natural and safe because of the way it is produced. It is made from natural resources and is a wonderful balance.

The ingredients are aloe vera , glycerin , rosehip, copaiba, olive, sclerotium gum, neroli essential , kakadu plum, green tea, rosemary and guayusa.

Price is $44.99 for 30 ml container.

Hemp Body Wash

Elixinol hemp body wash

This hemp body wash is free of all parabens. Since it is made from one of the best possible sources of hemp, the ingredients are gentle and very soothing for the skin to use. All ingredients are non-drying in nature and non toxic in nature.

All the ingredients are brought in from around the world to collaborate towards a luxurious experience.

The cleanse of the product is non-toxic and free of all synthetic scented substances . Formaldehydes coloring substances , triclosan are a few of the harmful substances in other products.

The ingredients are – aloe, non-gmo xanthan gum, copaiba , hemp seed oil , citric acid, finger lime, elderberry extracts glycerin, coco glucoside.

The product is available in 250ml container with a price tag of $15.99.

Hemp Hair Shampoo

elixinol hemp shampoo

Free of substances like lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. The shampoo is a great addition to anyone’s collection of personal care. There are no parabens or chemicals used . it is usable for all hair types . its is completely a vegan product and is made without harming any living animal. Made with copaiba and other luxurious minerals , this is the natural pinnacle of hair care.

Having green tea makes the hair soft and the scalp refreshed. With the presence of water soluble caffeine and other extracts and power antioxidants to revitalise the scalp and promote hair growth. Ingredients from around the globe , like the kakadu plum and copaiba oil help in the protection of hair follicles.

The scent of the shampoo is an absolute heaven and is very soothing.

Ingredients are :-

You just simply have to apply to wet hair and massage into the scalp.

Price is $15.99 for 2oo ml container.

Hemp Hair Conditioner

Elixinol hemp conditioner

Made with natural hemp oil, it is suitable for all types of skin. Developed to purify , and make the hair feel like heaven , this conditioner is an awesome experience for the average user. It’s use creates an everlasting sheen for the person’s hair. Caffeine and green tea extracts act to revitalise the scalp and hence increase the growth of hair.

Gayuasa and lemon myrtle makes the hair and follicles re-energise . after the application and a light comb through, the hair will be radiant all day and all night.

It provides the user with a luxurious experience.

The conditioner is suitable for all hair types due to the fact that all the components that are found in it are 100 % natural and non-synthetic. There are no parabens in the mixture and is tested to a huge extent.

Ingredients are – Aloe , coco-glucoside , panthenol, fulvic minerals, hemp seed oil, elder berry, copaiba oil, guayusa , radish root, hemp seed oil and lemon myrtle.

The price for a 200ml container is $15.99.

Hemp Protein Powder

Elixinol hemp protien

Organic hemp grown in Canada is used to create this beautiful bag of protein. It has a very good taste and is very good in terms of nutritional value. It consists of all the desired qualities of a protein supplement powder and is very healthy. Fibre, omegas, good amounts of protein , you ask and we deliver . It is raw and whole and mixes well with water or milk. It is a plant based protein and is 100% vegan.

This is a raw food product with a nutty flavour and sweet crunch to make it fun to consume. Iron and magnesium are other ingredients in the mix. There is a good amount of omega 3 fatty acids to help in post workout recovery for the person. Vegans and vegetarians are always on the hunt for a good produce like this one.

Ingredients are protein, iron, magnesium, omega fatty acids.

Price of this protein is $19.99 for a 18oz bag.

Hemp Seeds

Elixinol hemp seeds

30 grams of hemp seeds contain about 10g of plant based protein and over 11g of omegas. This can be added to any food that you eat. Its raw state of nutrition is one of the best ways to get what the body requires. These seeds promote a all in all mental and physical well being for the individual. Getting protein from a plant is very tough, but eating hemp seeds helps the person get protein into the persons system.

It includes quality protein , omega 3 , omega 6

One serving has about 180 calories of which 140 belong to fat. It has been husked using a different technology to avoid any damage to the component. The packaging is light sealed to store the seeds for a longer duration of time.

Ingredients – Raw shelled hemp seeds (vitamins B1 ,B2 , B3, B6, B9,E. Minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, copper, zinc and iron are included. Potassium is also an ingredient.)

It can be used for individuals with gluten issues. There is no sodium, sugar , cholesterol. These hemp seeds are completely organic and contain a lot of nutrients.

Extrato Rico Em CBD Cannabidiol – 5000mg Brazil only

Elixinol rico cbd

This product is only available to individuals with a prescription.

Contact –  [email protected]

This is the highest strength tincture and available in cinnamint and natural flavor, this is a one of a kind experience for the regular CBD user. All natural CBD with organic cane ethanol distilled and contains no solvents or chemical compounds. There are no isolated cannabinoids used as the ingredient base in the products.

Contained in an easy to use dropper-bottle , this is a 120 ml of tincture that contains 5000mg of CBD hemp oil. The recommended amount to consume is 1/4th of a dropper / 0.5 ml under the tongue.

Ingredients – CBD , alkanes , amino acids , aldehydes, nitrogenous compounds, sugars , Flavanoids , vitamins, pigments and water

Price – $599 for a 120ml dropper bottle.

Return Policy

There is a very strict policy for returns. All the claims of damage have to be made within 72 hours of receipt to [email protected] along with detailed pictures of the damage to the product.

If you are not satisfied with the product , there is a 30 day window to claim a refund.

This can be done on the email provided above or talk to the customer care available at 844-804-3504.

Customer Reviews

Jake ~ The cbd quality of elixinol is just amazing . I would recommend this to anyone. It helps me de-stress myself and helps me throughout the day. It keeps me sane and happy through the toughest of situations.

Linda ~ I am a lawyer by profession. I use this to help me stay calm and relax myself after a long day’s work. Thank you Elixinol.

Gretchen ~ This helps me sleep better and also use the CBD powder before I hit the gym everyday. It gives me that much needed push in the morning. I feel like i am much alive even after a heavy workout.

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