Discussing Using CBD with Family


Unless you are someone who has done some research and/or been using a CBD product for a while, there’s a good chance there are a few questions you’re going to have. No big deal. People have tons of questions with many topics. That being said, when it comes to CBD, there are a lot of thoughts and misconceptions about exactly what these products are.

I still remember the first time I overheard a few friends discussing using CBD oil. I didn’t know what to think. I’ll be honest. Some of the first thoughts I had were that it seems a lot like smoking weed. Here’s the thing. No one had mentioned smoking anything. The word marijuana or drugs were never brought up. I heard the words “cannabis plant,” and that’s where my mind instantly went. My friends weren’t talking about getting high with a CBD product. That’s simply what I thought, based on how much I didn’t know.


Discussing using CBD oil with someone who doesn’t know what they are discussing can be difficult, especially when it’s a family member or someone we hold a lot of respect for. One of the questions we hear the most from those new to the CBD market is what should we tell other people who don’t agree with using CBD? The rest of today’s article will deal with such instances. We have a few things for you to consider and prepare for before you discuss using a CBD product with family.

As I explained at the beginning of this article, I didn’t even know what CBD was the first time I overheard people talking about it. My example isn’t uncommon. While the majority of people have at least heard the term CBD oil, very few of them actually know the facts. Before you discuss using CBD with someone, make sure you are prepared to answer any and questions they might have. The last thing you want is for them to have a question you are unable to answer.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is found in the Cannabis sativa plant. This is the same plant used for extracting marijuana and hemp. This is where the confusion is created for a lot of people. They hear the term “cannabis” and their mind instantly goes to thoughts of smoking weed and getting high.

CBD is a substance that occurs naturally. It is used in many different types of products ranging from lotions and oils, edibles, and can even be mixed with a drink or smoked through a vape pen. Marijuana creates a high or buzz you receive from THC. This where the CBD compound is different. There are very small amounts and traces of THC in CBD oil. The THC levels are low enough that CBD is not considered psychoactive.

So CBD won’t get you high?

This answer is easy. Regardless of how you use CBD or the amount, no, you will not get high. There are two primary compounds found in the cannabis plant, CBD and THC. With the psychoactive portion being THC, there aren’t any euphoria effects that come with the CBD extract. There are two exceptions to this that need to be noted.

Very few people, around five percent, say they have felt altered after taking CBD. This doesn’t exactly mean they experience the high they would after smoking marijuana. But, they don’t have their normal state of mind, what they are used to feeling. While this is rarely the case, it is recommended that you are using CBD in a safe surrounding your first time.

Also, because CBD is not federally regulated, any company that can print a label is able to say their product is whatever they want. For this reason, it’s important that you only purchase a CBD product that has been tested by an independent, third party. This both assures the quality of the product you are buying as well at makes sure it is under the .03 percent THC level.

These test results will be easy to find. They are normally right on the product’s packaging. If a company spends the money testing their product by a third party, they will want you to be able to find the results of the test with ease. Regardless of the type of CBD product, you are buying or the brand name, make sure testing has been done by someone else.

Why can’t the results of using CBD be proven?

This is another question that is normally brought up by a skeptic or someone who simply doesn’t about CBD in general. They will want to know why science is unable to back up the benefits of using CBD that people are reporting.

The truth of the matter is, CBD hasn’t been on the market long enough for science and research to be completed. This doesn’t mean that study and research doesn’t support using a CBD product. This means that there is still a lot we need to learn. Is there some negative for a few people when it comes to using CBD? Of course it is.

You have to keep in mind, CBD interacts with the body. Because no two bodies are identical, there’s going to be some differences. This doesn’t mean CBD is bad in general. This means that some people should use CBD in a different form or method. For instance, if you have severe issues with your digestive system, it might make more sense to use CBD in the form of a cream or lotion instead of eating edibles or mixing it with a drink. Also, it could simply mean there needs to be some more experimenting for the person when it comes to the dosage.

You have to keep in mind, a tolerance will need to be built with CBD. This means, no, you more than likely won’t experience dramatic effects the first time you use CBD. This doesn’t mean all the people saying CBD works are wrong. It means your body needs more exposure to CBD. Just like not allowing this to build in your system limits the positives you experience, using too much CBD can bring on some negative effects.

Here’s the thing. There’s a certain brand of bottled water I prefer to drink because many other people, including myself, say it tastes better and is more refreshing. No, I didn’t read a scientific article that led me to try the water. I heard enough of my friends tell me they enjoyed drinking the water, so I tried a bottle for myself.

Not everyone likes this taste. They prefer another brand. This doesn’t mean my friends and I are wrong about the water we drink. It means there are people who don’t agree with us. If you’re not willing to try CBD until the health benefits can be scientifically proven, you might be waiting for a while. This doesn’t mean people who are already saying CBD works for them are wrong. It means it is still too early to have the needed evidence. Some people may not have the same amazing effects as others. This doesn’t mean what others say is wrong.

You have to be willing to tell your friends and family what the effects are you are getting from CBD. If this is something they can verify on their own, even better. Don’t focus so much on sharing what study and research have and haven’t confirmed. Share with others the direct effects you are experiencing and how they are improving your quality of life.

Why are you using CBD oil?

If you’re preparing for a decision with family on friends about using a CBD product, there’s a good chance you have a specific reason why. Spend some time organizing these thoughts. What symptoms is it you have leading you to use CBD? What other products and ideas have you used in the past that didn’t provide the relief you were looking for?

Be ready to answer these questions directly. If your family or friends feel you are simply using CBD because you are bored and want a new hobby, no, it might not go over very well. That being said, with just a little thought and preparation, you will enter the discussion sounding like a professional.

Again, why specifically are you wanting to use CBD? As we mentioned earlier, there’s still a ton of study and research to do on CBD. That being said, there are plenty of results and examples out there to go on. What kind of effects are other people getting with CBD? What do you have in common with them? How long were they using CBD before things got better and what methods and dosage of CBD did they use? Sometimes, it’s not the facts you deliver that do the most convincing. It’s how the information is presented. If you want your family and friends to take your decision to use CBD seriously, then get serious about it. Know the direction you want the discussion to go before it even begins.

Be sure of what you’re sure of

There are so many areas where this could apply in life when it comes to the thoughts and opinions of others. For the sake of this article, I’m going to keep it centered around our topic. If you’re going to discuss using a CBD product with someone who is against the idea, make sure you are ready. Don’t simply believe it’s a good idea because of what you heard from the friend of a friend. Do some research and study of your own. Go over numbers. Study the stats. Just like a decision as important as this isn’t something you should be talked into doing, it also shouldn’t be something you’re able to be talked out of. Yes, be open to the advice of others. Allow them to give their input and state their opinion.

But, if you are going to have this discussion with others, you need to be prepared enough that nothing they have to say is going to change your mind. Spend time doing research of your own. This is the only way you can be completely positive about what you think. Remember, you’re not making an attempt to persuade them into using CBD products. You are simply sharing with them why it’s a decision you are making.