Can CBD Help Build Muscle?


Cannabidiol, most commonly referred to simply as CBD, is a compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant. Many people have been taking CBD for a variety of reasons, everything from helping children who suffer from epileptic seizures, arthritis pain in joints and bones, for better skin, even for help with anxiety and depression.

CBD is able to relieve symptoms from many illnesses and diseases, without producing the high people feel from THC. One of the many uses for CBD growing in popularity at the moment is its use among fitness enthusiasts and athletes. They are beginning to use CBD as a part of their regular workout and exercise routines.  

When it comes to being fit and staying in shape, CBD is able to assist with the growth of muscle, getting a better night’s sleep, and the recovery of the muscles themselves, each a vital part of working out. With the rest of this article, we will breakdown CBD as well as explain the effects it has on the body, specifically regarding working out and staying fit. To get started, let’s take a better look at exactly what CBD is.  


What is CBD?

Many compounds can be beneficial for the body that are extracts of the cannabis Sativa plant. One of these that is currently blowing up the market is cannabidiol or CBD. One misconception that many people have is associating CBD with marijuana. While both of these come from the cannabis plant, CBD is very low in THC, the element that creates the high people experience when smoking marijuana. The amount of THC in cannabidiol is so low, you will not get high from using CBD, regardless of how much you use or the method that it’s used.

Because scientific research identifies CBD as a great source of easing inflammation, relieving pain, reducing muscle spasms, and lowering anxiety, it is naturally a great supplement if hitting the gym is part of your regular routine. Regardless if you are a professional athlete, simply looking to build muscle, or simply a soccer mom wanting to get fit, CBD can play a significant role in developing muscle.  

Improving protein synthesis and building muscles

By regulating the body’s homeostasis, CBD has the ability to aid with both building muscle and its recovery after an intense workout or exercise. Cortisol levels are regulated by anti-catabolic properties found in CBD. This leads to the growth of muscle being increased as well as protein synthesis.  

Lowering the number of catabolic hormones

 A breakdown in muscle tissue is created by catabolic hormones. These specific hormones are known as the biggest cause of the muscle’s tissue breaking down because they lower protein synthesis. This stops the muscle tissue from being able to grow. Our muscle is negatively impacted by cortisol. That being said, cortisol does provide our bodies with a few benefits, so it’s needed. For instance, toxins in our body are removed by our livers. Cortisol plays a significant role in this process.

Also, our immune system’s blood sugar levels are regulated by cortisol. When these levels are what they naturally should be, this is a benefit provided by cortisol hormones. This is where CBD is such a benefit. Our bodies can have a healthier cortisol balance with the help it receives from CBD oil.

Depending on the time of day, our cortisol levels will fluctuate. Normally, they will peak at their highest when we are feeling stress. These levels will get higher with a strenuous workout, creating physical stress on our bodies. With the amount of these hormones being raised, a higher blood pressure than normal can tear down the tissue of the muscle. This, in turn, defeats the whole reasoning behind a workout developing muscle.  

The higher our cortisol, the more protein synthesis is reduced, limiting the growth of our muscles. This is why it is so important to balance cortisol levels both before and during a physical workout. These levels are raised by using a pre-workout drink or a supplement of caffeine. Not only is CBD a natural supplement, but it is also caffeine-free. Because of this, it allows us to develop more muscle because not as much of the muscle is being broken down by cortisol. 

Building stamina and relaxing muscles

If working out is important to you, you are more than likely familiar with the term, “runners high.” This is something you will experience with a longer, more physical workout. According to the results of a recent study, this feeling is created by our endocannabinoid system, not the endorphins in our bodies like many people think.  

When it comes to experiencing runner’s high, there are two reasons why the endocannabinoid system is important. The sensation you experience that provides the additional stamina needed to push you through your workout is created by a rush of anandamide. CBD is used to regulate this endocannabinoid compound that is naturally in our bodies.  

Both your mind and body are put at ease from using a CBD supplement before an intense workout, especially one that is cardio-focused. CBD works along with our body to make muscles more relaxed, regulate our breathing rhythms, get rid of cramps before they develop, balance our dopamine levels, and increase our natural energy levels. If you add all of this up, you are left with an overall smoother movement for the body during the workout.


Improving workout recovery

The way our bodies recover from a workout can be improved by using CBD. Also, CBD is able to improve the quality of our sleep, along with aiding the inflammation our muscles experience following a workout. If you are someone who is seriously working out several times a week, CBD supplements should be a part of your regiment following the workout.

Regardless if you are an athlete, fitness junky, or a bodybuilder, the recovery of your body and muscles has to play a significant role in your workout routine. Without properly healing, we will never develop the muscle tone and mass we are looking for. Ofter, many will try to speed up this process by using Ibuprofen. Yes, we need to give our bodies ample time to naturally heal on their own. However, if you are a professional athlete or bodybuilder, this needed time may not be a luxury you have. CBD is becoming more and more popular as a post-workout supplement because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety attributes.  

Anti-inflammatory properties of CBD 

If you are physically working out at least three or four times a week, your body is going to feel an effect. Damage is being done to both your tissue and your muscles. The process of repairing these muscles and tissue is triggered by the inflammation that is created throughout your body. If you are not getting enough rest between workouts, too much inflammation may be happening. This could lead to the quality of your workouts decreasing and excessive damage to your muscles. Both these can lead to suffering an injury while working out. 

If you are someone who depends on working out, such as a bodybuilder or an athlete, there are many solutions you have to rely on. A few of these are eating foods that contain antioxidants, using supplements, and taking ice baths. Because of its ability to lower inflammation, more and more people are now including CBD as their means of recovering from workouts and training.  

Getting a better night of sleep

According to research and study, the effects of insomnia can be treated with the use of CBD. No, this research isn’t exactly related to working out or exercising. Still, if you are someone who works out a few times a week, both the quality of sleep you are getting and the amount is important. Muscles are built while you sleep and rest. Along with that, if you want your body to be working the way it was designed, you need to be sleeping.  

Our body is unable to burn energy the way it should when we are not getting enough rest and sleep. Sure, there is plenty of aids and pills that help people sleep on the market. That being said, many of these over the counter sleeping aids come with a list of nasty side effects, including the risk of becoming dependent on them.

This doesn’t happen with CBD because it is a supplement that works with the body naturally. CBS is used by our endocannabinoid system, regulating the chemicals that are already in our bodies. When taken with melatonin, CBD is able to drastically improve the quality of sleep we get while laying down.

Because of the health and fitness benefits, CBD has the potential of providing, it’s recommended as a supplement both before and/or after working out. If you are someone who is trying to get a better night’s sleep, get a more thorough workout, and build or develop muscle, CBD should be a supplement you are taking every day, regardless of whether or not it is a day you workout.  

If you are going to start taking CBD as a daily supplement with your workout or training, be sure to discuss this with your doctor regarding any other medication you are taking, either through a prescription or over the counter.