Demonstrate your commitment through an Academy credential

The Academy offers two types of credentialing programs:

The General Credentialed Pain Practitioners (GCPP) program, open to all clinicians who care for people with pain, allows candidates to demonstrate their knowledgeable about, and commitment to, providing the best care possible for their patients.

The Advanced Credentialed Pain Practitioner (ACPP) program, open to MDs and DOs, was developed to measure a higher level of education on pharmacology (particularly opioids) and to demonstrate ACPP’s superior knowledge and skills in integrative pain care. The ACPPs show patients, other clinicians, and state and federal regulators that they are fully qualified to treat pain with all evidence-based methods.

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Why Credential?

The number of people in America who suffer chronic pain has reached an all-time high and it is getting more difficult for these individuals to identify the best clinicians to treat them. The Academy credential, not to be confused with board certification, indicates your extra training and your commitment. The Academy credential is the only one of its kind for all clinicians who treat people in chronic pain.

Learn about the General Credential or the Advanced Diploma.

General Credential

General Credential

Developed with the understanding that pain is best managed by a team, the Academy credential is designed to measure and acknowledge general pain management understanding by all team members. In order to achieve this credential, you must have at least two years of clinical experience, have a clinical license in good standing, present references from professional colleagues, and pass a two-hour written exam that covers basic pain management.

The Academy has produced a number of resources detailing how our credentialing program works. You can download and open any of the PDFs below.


Take the self-assessment exam.
This SAE offers an analysis of the areas you should focus on.


Study the credentialing study aids.
Review the Patients Bill of Rights, Code of Ethics, Exam Content Outline, and related resources.


Attend the Academy's Annual Clinical Meeting.
Courses offered provide fundamentals that will be helpful with the exam.

The Academy has partnered with GoAmp to locate testing centers throughout the United States. Locate a testing center, and begin the process of becoming a Credentialed member of the American Academy of Pain Management!

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General Credential

Advanced Diploma

The Advanced Diploma in pain management demonstrates the knowledge and skills needed to deliver balanced and advanced noninterventional pain care to the majority of patients presenting with commonly encountered pain diagnoses. The four-hour written examination and observational structured clinical exam (OSCE) are based on a curriculum crafted by the Academy and experts in curriculum development from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

Dr. George Comerci discusses the Advanced Curriculum in Pain Management

The Academy has produced a number of resources detailing how our credentialing program works. You can download and open any of the PDFs below.

“The Credentialing program validates my years of study and supports the work of Dr. Tunks in promoting the CAPM.”

Ruth Dubin, MD, PhD
Member since 2011