American Migraine Foundation offers tips for parents on helping their children cope with migraine

While migraine is typically thought to be associated with adults, it can affect children of all ages.  If you suspect that your child suffers from migraine, you should have him or her seen by a migraine specialist, if possible, to determine a diagnosis so that the appropriate acute and preventative actions may be taken.  If […]

Tips for managing stress during the holidays

In an effort to make your holiday season as enjoyable and pain-free as possible, the American Migraine Foundation has put together a list of tips for managing stress during the holidays.  Among their suggestions?  Plan ahead, be smart about traveling, be consistent in your sleep and eating habits, and realize you cannot control everything.  For […]

Doing your homework on nutritional supplements

More than half of all Americans regularly take a nutritional supplement, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Because they are so commonly used, it is imperative that patients recognize that supplements can be quite potent and may interact with other drugs.  In this article, Robert Bonakdar, M.D., board president of the American […]

Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium announces consumer health information and advocacy website

The Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC) has announced the launch of its first initiative in consumer health information, a public education and advocacy program entitled CoverMyCare.  CoverMyCare is designed to create grass-roots support for the full implementation of Section 2706 of the Affordable Care Act, also known as the”non-discrimination in healthcare” clause.  Section 2706, which […]

New website goes live to provide “everything you need to know” about migraine

The American Migraine Foundation has announced that has been redesigned and expanded in order to provide a wealth of consumer-friendly information on preventing, treating and coping with migraine and other headache disorders. “Whether it’s a parent seeking information on how to prevent, spot, and manage sports-related concussion, a person with migraine looking for the […]