Corporate Council Program

The Academy of Integrative Pain Management greatly values its relationships with the commercial sponsors who make the products that enable members to provide the best pain care possible. These sponsors support AIPM and its programs through a variety of means, including by joining the AIPM’s Corporate Council Program.

In the past, the program’s dues structure limited Corporate Council membership to commercial sponsors who had substantial budgets to cover such memberships. That means that many smaller companies, many of which have exciting new products, have been unable to join and to avail themselves of the benefits of Corporate Council Program. Read our recent announcement about our new Corporate Council Program.

Recognizing this, AIPM is pleased to announce a new tiered Corporate Council membership structure, one that we believe will enable companies of all sizes to participate and to receive the benefits that accompany that participation. The chart (below) outlines this new structure. You can also download details of our Corporate Council Programs here (PDF) and download the order form here.Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 10.51.49 AM

We look forward to establishing new and enduring relationships with a wide variety of supporters. For more information on our Corporate Council program, please contact Leslie Ringe at